10 Amazing First Date Ideas

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Dating is exciting and fun especially the first date. The first date is really important because it determines whether a second or a third date will follow. The first date should be planned carefully because the aim is to have fun. Every girl dream of a romantic guy that will sweep her off her feet. A perfect first day can accomplish this task. It can be romantic or adventurous depending on what the person like to do for fun. If the relationship becomes serious then the first date will be a cherished memory for both parties. It is a good idea to select places that you both have never been to. This will make the first date exhilarating for both of you.

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Things to do on a first date

There are so many things you can do on a first date. On a first date, you can go to the movies and watch the latest movies. It will create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You will also have something to talk about after watching the movie.  You can go to a nice cozy restaurant and enjoy the delicious cuisine. Everybody like to eat good food so why not? You can go to the museum if you both like arts. If you both like sports you can go and see a live game together. Bowling is quite fun so you can select a popular bowling place and enjoy your first date. You have to know a little about what the person likes in order to make the first date perfect. The options are unlimited and we will look at ten amazing first ideas.


Ten amazing first date ideas


Coffee shop

This is the most comfortable place to have a conversation with someone. It is a good first date idea. it is not adventurous and it allows you to talk and have a good conversation with the person. You will not engage in activities and you can give the person your undivided attention. You sip on your coffee and gaze into the person eyes and soul while getting to know more about them.


Dinner at a restaurant

If you want your first date to be romantic then having dinner at a fancy restaurant would be perfect. This is a very traditional date idea that never gets old.It is a perfect way to create intimacy and build a bond with someone you like.It is similar to the coffee shop date but more exquisite. It can be an elegant restaurant with dim lights and a nice view overlooking the ocean. Research the best restaurants in your area and go there with your date.



Amusement park

A visit to the amusement part is a fun date idea. This will be perfect if you both like adventures and outdoor activities. You can create a bond by laughing together as you go on rides and feel like a kid again. You are sure to get a text that says ” I really had fun today.”


Going to the movies

This is a very popular date idea that can be fun. Its is also very traditional like dinner dates. You will have something to discuss after the movie. It is good for a starter to develop a rampant especially if both parties don’t know each other well.


A walk on the beach

I don’t recommend going to the beach as a first date idea but a stroll on the beach is perfect. It can be done after something else like going to the movies or after a dinner. It will end the date very well. The beach will provide a nice scenery and a beautiful sunset to watch.This is an excellent date idea for nature lovers.




A picnic at the park or a nice open space that resemble meadows is an excellent date idea. There are many places that are open to the public for a picnic. This cute idea will allow you to be laid back and have an easy going conversation. It will also allow you to show your culinary skills. Prepare some of your favorite snacks and share them with your date at a picnic.


Visit the museum

Visiting the museum is a great way to spend your first date. It provides an educational experience for both parties. If you both love art then you will be doing something that you enjoy. It also gives you an opportunity to discuss artifacts,paintings and monuments depending on the type of museums.


Go to a concert

Watch your favorite band with someone you like is a cute first date idea. If you both like the same music it is a perfect way to bond.



Going to an aquarium for your first date is a good idea. You will have a lot to talk about as you walk and stroll with your date. The aquarium provides a beautiful scenery and you both will love it.



This is a nontraditional idea that will be unique for a date. It doesn’t matter if you cannot bowl or not. This will make the date experience fun. If you are good then you can show off your skills and impress your date.


Wrapping up

There are so many things you can do for your first date with a person. It can be outdoor or indoor outings. It all depends on what the person like to do for fun. If you can try to get information about the person interest and then select a place.





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