10 Books Every Woman Should Read

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Words are powerful and they have the ability to uplift and inspire you to the highest degree. Reading inspirational books can be refreshing and motivating. It helps you to have a different outlook on life. Sometimes books can shift your focus and helps you to understand your purpose, worth, and value. They contain real life experiences that you can learn and apply to your life. Engage your mind in another world ever now and then. I will recommend 10 books that every woman should read. These books are specially created for women. They may be contents that you can relate to as a young woman. They will be able to guide you spiritually, emotionally and professionally.

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10 Books every woman should read

I know why caged bird sings by Maya Angelou

This is a poetic and incandescent book that is considered a classic. It is one of the most recommended books for women to read. If you enjoy vivid description and eloquent writers then you will enjoy this book. It is an autobiography of Maya Angelou life and it contains real life experience and tragedy.  It speaks of Maya Angelo struggles as she tries to love herself and realizing her worth despite the harsh realities she faced. This is a sad story but the beauty lies in the hope that the author consistently portrayed.



I am Malala: The girl who stood up for education and was shot by the Taliban by Malala Yousafzai

Just by the title you can guess that this book is worth reading. A young girl fought for the right to be educated and became an influential figure in Pakistan. She is the definition of being the change you want to see in the world. Her courageous act initiated change. Grab your copy and be inspired by Malala.



The courage to be yourself by Sue Patton Thoele

This book is geared towards women who struggle to find themselves. It helps you to become emotionally independent and enhance your self-esteem. The author shared her journey on how she became her authentic self and find the balance in dealing with people and situations in her life.



The woman code by Sophia A. Nelson

Every woman needs to learn the code of 20 principles that will allow you to achieve your dream, purpose, and destiny. Sophia highlighted that everyone lives by codes without realizing it. She reminded her audience that they are not defined by their mistakes and their deplorable past. This book will help restore you and give you a detailed description of codes that are essential in life.


Lean in by Shery Sandberg

Shery Sandberg, the Facebook chief operator is among the most powerful women in business. The central theme empowers women to be the best version of themselves. Feminism was an important element that was explored as she had a successful career in a male-dominated field.  She shares her insecurities which people going up the career ladder can relate to. She also touched on internal conditions that prevent women for taking leadership positions. Is it lack of ambition or support? You should read this book to get the answers.


A vindication of the rights of women by Mary Wollstonecraft

Published in 1792, this book takes you on a journey into the past. Feminism has been around during this time and today we can see the drastic change in women’s role today. This book will give insights on the political and social struggles that were endured by women. As a reader, you will appreciate the privilege on the role that women can execute without oppression or discrimination.



The well-spoken woman by Christine K Jahnke


A premier speech coach who has worked with Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton give strategies on how to communicate effectively. The secret is not hidden but it is available to every woman. The strategies outlined in the book has been tested and proven to be effective. Jahnke overcame her fear of public speaking and developed a desire to help other women.



Think like a lady act like a man by Steve Harvey

It is hard to understand men. Steve Harvey give practical advice to women about men and relationships. If you are in a relationship or seeking a lifelong partner you should invest your time in this book. You will get information on how men view women and relationship. You stand a better chance of selecting suitable men after reading this book. This book is an eye opener.



The color purple by Alicia Walker

Walker gave her audience some education and the struggles in America. The important lesson for readers was that they can overcome any struggle that the faced in life. The author suffered from abuse by people who she trusted. She also shared happy memories as well. The book is heartrending and highly recommended.


A new earth awakening to your life’s purpose by Eckhart Tolle


A soulful book that has the power to transform your life and discover your purpose. It has been listed as one of Oprah Winfrey’s favorite book of all times. The author’s philosophies and theories are based on his own experiences. Tolle has inspired million of readers and you can be the next one.




Wrapping it up

Each book recommended taught some unique lessons about life. These include relationships, career development, and emotional independence. As a woman, you are gifted and designed for greatness. You are more than a child bearer and caretaker. Find your purpose and be the best you can be.



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