Decluttering is the removal of unnecessary items from an area. Decluttering your house involves tidying and cleaning. Every time you clean your house there are items that you no longer use or clothes that you no longer wear. You get rid of them  because you want to maximize the space in your closet and elsewhere. After you declutter you will feel good in an attractive and organized environment. A cluttered house is disturbing and messy. You should declutter your house regularly so that it can look pleasant.

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How to declutter your house?

There are many ways to declutter your house. It depends on your organization style and how you want your house to look. People rearrange and store their items differently. The aim is to make sure your house look presentable. It can be done daily. For example, putting away toys in a box after your kids play. Emptying the trash daily. This post will look at 10 easy ways to declutter your house.


10 Easy ways to declutter your house



Before you do any work, visualize the end product. This will motivate you to start the daunting process. If you need to research on organizing home then do this. Pinterest has sufficient pictures and information on this. You will get an idea of how you want to organize your bedroom or office.


Start with one area at a time

Decluttering your house can take a long time. If you have no help then do one room at a time. You can start with the bedroom and then another room for the next day. Don’t try to finish everything one time. The race is not for the swift but for those who endure.



Put everything in one area and sort into two categories. The two categories are the things you need and those you do not need. The ones you need you will put aside and the ones you don’t you will put in a container or bag labeled donations. To make it easier only retain items that you use regularly. Items that you are sure you will use again. For example, clothes that don’t fit anymore should be placed in the donations container.


Sell or donate

Do not throw away the items that you do not need but sell it online. There many thrift shops that will purchase used items. Instead of burning your unwanted items give it to somebody who may need it. There are many charity organizations that will accept your donations.


Get rid of clothes regularly

You can make it an annual appointment to get rid of clothes you no longer wear. This will help to maximize the space in your closet. If you are a heavy shopper then you may need to do this more than annually. In addition, if you have clothes for special occasions you can fold them and put them in a drawer. The everyday clothes can be hung in your closet.

Use storage containers

Storage containers are useful for holding items and making your home organized. For items that can be in a group together, you can place them in a container. It will make it easier for you to find them when you are ready. Ensure  that you label the containers so you can retrieve your items easily. You can also buy storage with  compartments.


Separate washing item by color

The washroom can be a mess and disorganized. You can improve the condition by categorizing the clothes according to washing technique. Get a basket for white, dark and light clothes each. Make sure you label the basket according to the categories.


Put it back

Put back everything in the designated position every time you use it. It will reduce cluttering and keep your space organized. If you don’t, you will forget to put it back and they will be all over the place.


Inform family members about where to keep things

It will be frustrating if you organize your items but they are misplaced by someone else. Informing everyone about where to put things will make your life easier. You can also get help with the decluttering mission. The more persons on board the easier the process.



Filing is not only for the office but it can be implemented in your decluttering process. The papers that are important can be placed in a file jacket with clearly written labels on them. If you can get a shelf on the wall this would be ideal. You can stack the folders with the name facing outwards so that you can read it.




Wrapping up

Decluttering is  cleaning and reorganizing  your home so it can look presentable. Getting rid of the things you don’t need and keeping the essentials will help you to maximize the space. Group items and store them in a container is an effective strategy that you can employ. Finally, take your time whenever you are decluttering.
















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