10 Reasons To Start A Blog

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Blogging has become popular among all niche ranging from fashion to business. It can be a full-time career for some individuals or just a hobby. Blogging helps you express yourself and share your expertise on any subject with the world. The great thing about blogging is that anyone can do it! You don’t need any formal training and it is easy to set up. You can blog right away, anywhere, anytime. We are going to discuss the reasons to start a blog.

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Why start a blog?

If there is something that you are passionate about then you can start a blog and write about it. You don’t have to be a great writer because blogging will help you to improve your skills. You can inspire billions of people all around the world and build a legacy that will outlive you. Blogging can generate income and create opportunities that you never dream of. You can be asked to speak on a topic that you blog about and researched at a conference for example. A blog can also improve your business prospects and opens door to great opportunities. Blogging also helps you to attract clients from all over the world and retain loyal customers.


10 reasons to start a blog

You become a proficient writer

Blogging can improve your writing skills if you are consistent. Blogging puts you in a position to practice your writing skills. If you publish two blogs per day you will notice the difference in your writing style. You will also notice that you can produce clear and coherent thoughts very well. The best way to learn is through practice. Why not start a personal blog and practice your writing skills?


Improve your critical thinking skills

Blogging allows you to share your opinion on a wide range of topics. You expand your mind and analyze your subject area. It also helps you to be more open-minded and you delve deep into topics and issues. You will be able to have an enriching conversation on the topics that you have blogged about. Your perspective on the world can change tremendously. You don’t need to join a debate club just start a blog and  see the improvements in your critical thinking skills.


Emotional outlet

People like to blog because it provides an emotional outlet. They can exercise freedom of speech on their blog. Blogging allows you to express your thoughts, ideas, and values. Writing is associated with psychological benefits such as reducing stress and improving mood. Blogging is a form of expressive writing that  will help you to let out emotions in the form of words. A blog is like a diary that listens to you in times of trouble. A blog will also listen to you when you are happy writing about your future endeavours.


You learn new things

As a blogger, I have been learning new things as I research my topics and gather information. My mind is being exercised when I conduct research on topics I have very little knowledge on. This is the primary reason I love to blog. You will learn new things and be able to share the information with others. I am learning how to write better, use Search Engine Optimization tool, and new words. Blogging also teaches you how to be disciplined and committed. As a blogger, you have to be dedicated and manage your time very well. If your goal is to write 5 articles per day then you have to prioritize and get the task done.


You help people

People visit blogs for information on many different things such as relationships, career, religion, and politics. Readers on your blog can be influenced in a positive way. You will be touching the lives of your readers when you have a blog. You will be surprised that people type in “I feel like committing suicide” and your blog came up in the search engine which focuses on this topic. Sometimes people just need a word of encouragement and you can be the person to do it. As a blogger, you are a hero or heroine. Remember not all heroes or heroines wear a cape. Some heroes and heroines are writers.


Expand your network

You can meet bloggers who share similar interest. If you are a fashion blogger then you meet other fashion bloggers who may partner with you. You can join a blog community and connect with other bloggers. These bloggers can be your lifelong friends who share the same interest as you. They will support you and help you to improve your blog by giving good advice. You will also help them as well because that what friends do. Your audience will also expand your network. Readers will comment on your blog and show their appreciation for your work.


It can lead to a satisfying career

Blogging can help you to land your dream job.There are full-time bloggers who are able to generate a stable income from blogging. As a blogger, you are not just a writer but an entrepreneur. You can set you own schedule and work anytime you like. You can also control your earnings and even employed other writers who can contribute to your blog. Bloggers also can work from the comfort of their home. You are your own boss as a blogger. You may be wondering how much does a blogger earns? Bloggers can earn up to 1000 to 10000 per month. It all depends on how much traffic they can generate on their blog.


It gives you a sense of purpose

Blogging can add value to your life and give you a sense of purpose. It can be a hobby for some people because they find it entertaining. For others, it is challenging and they like the fact that they can contribute positively to the world. People are motivated to blog because of their readers and they will do it freely. For some people it is more than making money, blogging is a passion and it fulfils a need.


Create opportunities

Blogging creates opportunitie

s for you as it is easier for clients to find you. If you are a relationship coach and you blog about your expertise then your email will have consultation requests. You can reach people from all over the world through your blog. Bloggers have been invited to conferences to share their expertise on interesting topics.


Develop your professional profile

Blogging will give you the experience that you need to impress an employer. It shows that you are genuinely interested in the professional field that you are in. Trust me, an employer will be pleased with an applicant who has been blogging about protecting the environment and is seeking a position as an Environmentalist. You will stand out among other applicants even those with just a degree.


Wrapping up

I hope I have inspired to start the blog you wanted to do but kept putting it on the back burner. You don’t need any special resource to start. Start with you, use what you can and get your blog out there.


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