10 Romanitc Ideas To Surprise Your Partner

Showing affection to your partner never gets old. Surprise your wife or husband and keep the romance alive. There are many romantic ideas that will make him or her feel loved.

Surprising your wife does not always have to include bringing her on an expensive romantic dinner. Instead, you can wake up early and make her favorite breakfast. She will be caught off guard, especially if she does the preparation every morning.

Girls, do not expect your boyfriends to do all the nice gestures. Show him that you love and appreciate him too. Continue reading to learn 10 ways you can surprise your partner.

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10 Romantic ideas to surprise your significant other



Gifting someone you love with flowers never gets old. Order flowers and send them to her at work or home. She will smile when she receives her bouquet of flowers from you. Gift your boyfriend with flowers too. It is an unusual and unconventional way to surprise him.


Stick notes where they can find it

At the beginning of your relationship, remember how you used to send those cute text messages. Now that you both are living together, write notes and place them somewhere at home you know they often visit. When they find it they will smile and remember you. This is very useful when you leave your partner for business trips. They will feel your presence when they find the messages you left them.


Slow dance

Put on some slow music one evening and dim the light in the living room. After dinner ask your partner in your best British accent “Madam may I have the honor of dancing with you tonight” or if that is too corny a simple “Would you like to dance?” would work.


Wear some lingerie

Put a little effort into your sleepwear one night. Wear a lingerie he has never seen, and he will be caught off guard. Men like it when you try to look good for them. He is probably tired of seeing you in that white, oversized sleepwear and bonnet. Spice things up in the bedroom a bit. Shop around for a nice lingerie in his favorite color.


Random hugs and kisses

If you tend to kiss and hug on special occasions, then do it randomly. If you find that you both are not affectionate then that is okay. But, for those who do enjoy some intimacy, try kissing and caressing each other more often. Build intimacy and sexual desires.

Write a love letter

Over the years, your love may have grown. Remind your significant other of your love journey and all the events that led up to now by writing a love letter. With your busy schedule, sometimes you may not get to express your love as much as you’d want to.

It is important to say “I love you,” but it does not show the depth of your feelings. Write a love letter and tell them how much they mean to you. If you don’t live with your partner, you can mail it without telling your partner. It should be a lovely surprise.


Cuddle before you start the day

Stop the alarm one morning and cuddle with your partner for a few minutes. They will be surprised at the random gesture. Try things like having breakfast together in bed one morning or even having a warm shower together before work. It is worth a try.



Learn how to do massages and treat your spouse to a massage after they have had a long day at work. Release their back pain and stress with a massage on the shoulder. Massage their temple as well. Your boyfriend or girlfriend will look forward to coming home when they have something like this to look forward to.

Spa appointment

Set up a spa appointment and pamper your girl. Girls like to be pampered, and they will definitely appreciate this gesture. In this case, the role can be reversed as well. Set a spa appointment for your boyfriend and pamper him. You can also do a home spa and make it more personal and special.


Buy him his favorite gadget

If your boyfriend loves to play games and has a particular gadget he likes, get him something you know he will love. It could be a watch, play station, or a headset, you don’t have to buy anything expensive. He will surely appreciate the effort and the thought you put into getting him something he likes. It shows that you care enough to spend money on his interests. And who knows, he might just return the favor!

Wrapping up

Keep your relationship fun and vibrant by doing romantic gestures every now and then. It does not have to be expensive. Remember, it is the thought that counts. Do simple things and it will be appreciated.


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