10 Signs You’re In Love

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How do you know when you are in love?
Being in love is exciting because it is the honeymoon phase of a new relationship. You see someone you like and the liking starts to increase as you spend quality time with the person. It becomes so strong you wonder if you are falling in love or if you just have a high liking. Here are ten obvious signs that prove that you are in love.

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10 Signs You’re In Love


You want to spend most of your time with the person

You talk to the person every day and never get bored. After the first date, you are excited for the next one. You are head over heels.


Always smiling

Every time you see the person you smile. If someone mentions that person’s name you smile.


You would do anything to make the person happy

Sometimes you make sacrifices just to keep your partner happy. This is because their happiness comes before yours.


All your friends know about this person

You talk to your friends about the person you like so much. Your family also know about him or her because you are always talking about your significant other. You have the need to share the happy moments you are experiencing with the important people in your life.


They are perfect for you

All your lover’s imperfections are perfect for you. This is because they were made for you. He/ she may not be the most beautiful person in the world but to you he/she is beautiful.



It feels normal to tell them everything

You share your deepest secret with your lover. You trust that they will keep it. The person becomes your confidante. You have good or bad news you share it with them.


The person is the only one

The only person in your life right now is your lover. The person will have high priority in your life.


You miss them when you are apart

You can spend the day with the person and never get tired. The instant they left your presence you miss them.


Conscious about how you look around your significant other

You always want to look your best whenever you are around the person. You change your wardrobe in hope that person will notice you. When we are in love, we tend to spend more time getting ready for a date because we want to look perfect.



They say love is like a drug. You are obsessed with the person. You think of the person very often. That person is the first person you think about when you are awake and when you go to bed at nights.

Wrapping up

If you are displaying all these signs you can stop wondering “Am I in love” because chances are you are falling for that person. Let hope that they catch you when you fall and you have found your fairytale ending.


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