10 Small Business Marketing Tips

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Everyone is familiar with the term marketing. We see it every day on television, radio and newspaper. It is a business strategy that company’s use to promote their goods and services. Good marketing usually increases your sales and make your business more profitable. Customers are aware of your products and service and they buy them. Marketing strategies need to be effective and time efficient. If you are a small business owner then you will need cost effective marketing ideas. We will look at 10 small business marketing tips that are effective.

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10 Small business marketing tips



Marketing research is very important. You need to know your audience and what they are looking for. You need to find out if there is a market for your proposed product and service. After you have studied the market then you utilize the best approach that will help you to market your product. If you do not research then your marketing may go in vain. Researching is very important.


Information should be accessible

Information should be readily available to your  clients. If you start a small business then it is recommended that you create a website with contents. This is ideal because customers can find your company easily.You should also update your website regularly. Ensure that the information is clear and accurate.


Social media

The purpose of marketing is to inform your customers about your product and service. Using the social media platform is a great way to do this. Social media such as Facebook, Twiter and Instagram is free when signing up. These social media platform can allow you to interact with customers and share information. LinkedIn is also a very valuable social media platform for professionals and business owners.



Public appearance on talk shows

As the CEO, you need to get comfortable with making a public appearance. Public appearance on local television station is a good way to inform people  about your business. You can sit down and have a deep conversation on a radio station too. You can reach a large population with this option.


Email marketing

Email marketing is very efficient, you can reach billions of people and it is free. If you mail out brochures and advertisements then it will be time-consuming and costly. It takes days to mail to your potential clients and customers while email marketing just takes a few seconds. How do you get the email addresses? There are companies that will offer such information legally. You can also set up a website that prompt visitors to sign up for a newsletter.


Business card

Create a professional business card with your business information. A business card can be a good marketing tool. It helps people to remember you and it comes in handy whenever they need your product or service. Make sure that is attractive, informative and it contains your contact information.



This is a very traditional way to share information. Inform everyone in your circle about your business endeavor and what you have to offer. Everyone in your connections can refer someone to you when the need arise. It is simple but it is very effective. People will easily  trust a referral than a stranger. Never underestimate the power of simple networking.



Host promotional events

This is a good way to promote your good and service. It does not have to be expensive, you can work on a low budget and pull off a good event. If you are a small business that sells ice cream, you can host a free event that is open to the public to sample a new ice cream flavor. Everybody loves free things. You are guaranteed to pull a large customer base after this event.


Build partnerships

Partnering with other business to promote your product will not hurt. Make sure you give something in return. It will help you to reach people outside of your area. For example, if you own a restaurant or a small coffee shop then you can partner up with corporate companies. You can offer to provide lunch for their employees or catering service for formal events.


Print on items

This proves to be very effective and it is the best way to market your business. You can print the name of your business on T-shirts, caps, market bags and even water bottles. Any item that people use every day would be ideal to promote your business. This is similar to billboard advertisement but it is cheaper and more effective. A billboard is stationary but the items used every day will be dispersed in different geographical location. How? People will travel and wear the T-shirts and caps. This is a good marketing strategy for small businesses.


Wrapping it up

Marketing can contribute positively to your  business. Without marketing , no one will be aware of your business. You have to reach out to potential customers through marketing. These are cost-effective ways that can help you to reach your marketing goals such as social media, emails, and partnerships.







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