10 Tips On How To Control Your Anger

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The first step to controlling your anger is to recognize that you have an anger problem. Anger problems can destroy relationships you have with others. Controlling your anger is not easy but it is possible. Anger management can be developed over time. This article will look at how to control your anger and will shgare some anger management techniques.

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How to control your anger?

Address the situation right away

Anger can build up and we explode unexpectedly. If someone is doing something that bothers you then talk to them about it. It will prevent you from exploding in the future. You can prevent a quarrel by addressing the situation right away.


Practice breathing exercises

Inhale and exhale when you feel angry. It helps to keep you calm and composed. This is why people do yoga. It reduces stress and allows you to have inner peace. Take three deep breaths while closing your eyes.


Think before you speak

Focus on finding solutions to the problem instead of lashing out at the person you are angry with. Think before you speak. You also need to be careful with your words. You don’t want to hurt your wife and husband.


Talk to someone you trust

Friends can help you to steam off the anger that you are holding in. Instead of thumping a wall. Talk to a friend about what is bothering you. In your state and condition, you are not able to think logically. You will make a bad decision in the heat of the moment. If you and your partner fight you will want to end the relationship and then later regret the decision. Talk to a friend instead of the person you are angry with.


Remove yourself from the situation

Go outside and take some fresh air if your employees are annoying you. You will feel much better when you remove yourself from the environment. Take a walk down the block. This is usually helpful and it brings order to a chaos household.


Use humor to calm yourself down


You can use humor to release anger. If you have friends who always make you laugh then you can spend some time with them. This will calm you down and you will forget you were even angry. Sometimes we get angry about things that will not matter next week. Don’t waste your energy to be angry about something trivial. Laugh more and be happy.



This is a management technique that works for me and maybe it can work for you. Whenever I am angry I would go to bed and wake up feeling peaceful. The situation will still exist but I would not be angry about it.


Listen to music

Listening to music is a very effective way to control your anger. I don’t know but music is very powerful and it can change your mood. Listen to soothing music until your anger diminishes.



Physical exercise can reduce anger and stress. The body will produce endorphins which make you feel better. You can do Yoga or go to the gym. You can go for a walk with your dog or jog in your community.


Seek professional help

Seek professional help if you are still having difficulties controlling your anger. There are anger management classes and groups that you can join. Don’t be afraid to seek help and become a better person.


Wrapping up

Expressing anger is natural but you have to have it under control. You don’t want to destroy your relationships with people you love by constantly lashing out. You must exercise self-control by using anger management techniques.


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