10 Tips To Be A Great Leader

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Some people are born to be leaders and are naturally gifted. Leaders are important in any group or organization. They ensure that the group objectives are fulfilled but in order to do this effectively, you must be a good leader. Great leaders are created through experience and training. They also have good leadership skills. Many great leaders started out as amateurs and then earn the title as a great leader. Great leaders exhibit characteristics such as integrity, reliability, the ability to lead and motivate. In every organization a leader with good leadership skills is vital for its existence. Without a great leader, an organization cannot reach its objectives and goals.

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Steps for being a great leader

There are no standard rules to follow when becoming a great leader. It can be naturally gifted or you may have to train for it. There are many leadership workshops that you can attend to improve your leadership skills. The best way to become a great leader is through experience. You will learn a lot and developed your skills in the process.


10 Tips to be a great leader



A great leader should have strong morals and good ethics. This does not mean that you have to be religious but set a good example for people to follow. As a leader, you may be in the eyes of the public. If you care about influencing people in a positive way then integrity should not be a lacking factor. People will respect you as a person with character and strive to emulate you. One way your leadership is seen as effective is the ability to influence people. There are leaders who can influence people but a great leader will influence their followers in a positive way. Thus integrity is a characteristic of a great leader.


Be reliable

As a leader, you should stand by your word and be reliable. Leadership comes with responsibilities that cannot be neglected. You have to take charge and be consistent in delivering what your followers need. Failing your employees can cause them to lose their trust in you and your ability to lead them. Be reliable at all times and show them that you have their best interest at heart.


Be Confident

Being positive and having confidence is a good trait every leader should have. If you don’t believe in yourself no one else will. By being confident you will develop a winning attitude. Even if you don’t win now still remain positive and confident about the future. If you think about it, have you ever met a great leader who had no self-confidence?


Be Inspirational

If you ask anyone who their favorite leader is they are more likely to call an influential person’s name. This person could be a fashion icon or politician who they look up to. A great leader has the ability to inspire others around them. They have their unique style or identity. They set themselves apart from ordinary people and stand out. As a leader, you should strive to inspire those around you positively. It can be in the form of a kind word or commending an employee for the great work they have done.



Commit to excellence

The best way to lead is by example. In everything you do do it to the best of your ability and your employees will do the same. If you want your employees to have certain kind of work ethics then you have to portray it yourself. It is often said that an organization reflects their leaders. As a leader who is committed to excellence, you will give your employees confidence. It is easier to have faith in a person who has a history of excellence. Most businesses would not be successful today if the CEO was not committed to excellence and as a result, reach their goals and objectives.


Listen to others

You will not know everything and taking advice from experts can be beneficial to you as a leader. You will be able to make better judgment and choices. Your employees can pick up things that you missed so listen to them when they make valuable points. Sometimes you can get a support system in order to be an effective leader and make good decisions. As a leader, you cannot do it on your own and this is the reason for supervisors and other staff members. Remember “No man is an island”



Communicate effectively

This is an essential skill that every leader needs. You have to be able to communicate with everyone you come into contact with. If you are going to persuade people to follow a particular direction then you have to be able to communicate effectively. You don’t just talk but you communicate to get results. Ensure that your employees understand their roles and what they should try to achieve as a member of staff.


Learn from failures

Failing is a part of life and as a leader, you should be prepared to handle failures well. You are not always going to get it right and that is okay. As long as you learn and develop yourself. You should also ensure that you don’t make the same mistake twice but be smarter.  Multibillionaires have failed before they succeed. They became smarter and wiser as a result of these failures.


Be Strong willed

A leader needs to be determined and strong willed.  Leadership is not easy and it takes a strong willed person to be successful in this position.  You will encounter challenges but as a leader, you should be able to overcome these challenges. A leader should not be easily swayed by problems but be determined to solve them quickly. You will face opposition from people sometimes but a great leader will not compromise. He or she will do what is right despite being influenced negatively.


Keep learning

Finally, there is always room for improving yourself as a leader. Keep improving areas that you consider to be your weakness.  It could be your presentations skills or time management skills. If there are other great leaders that you admire, you can also learn from them. Spend time with them and ask for advice especially if  they share similar interests. If you are running a business then you can network with other entrepreneurs. This can be beneficial to you and your brand.


Wrapping up

A  great leader can impact the lives of other around and leave a legacy that will live on. People will remember a great leader for his or her achievements and qualities. A leadership role is a huge responsibility but with determination and support from the right people, you can be an effective leader.



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