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10 Tips On How To Be A Great Teacher


Being a good teacher is a rewarding feeling and an accomplishment you will be proud of. You will touch the lives of great students and inspire them. You don’t have to be popular in order to be a great teacher.

How to be a better teacher?  Being a great teacher will come naturally if you are passionate about teaching students. This article will look at some characteristics of great teachers and will show you how to be a great teacher yourself.

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Tips on how to be a great teacher

Teaching has to be your passion

In order to be great in any job or career, you have to be passionate about it. Teaching has to be something you enjoy doing. You have to get up every day and walk into the classroom because you are excited about adding value to the lives of your students. We know that being a teacher is not easy. However, your passion will keep you in the classroom when adversities arise. If you are not passionate, then focus on the positive aspects of teaching. Once your mindset changes, your outlook will also change.


Be compassionate

Treat your students with compassion regardless of race, social status, and intellect. You may be able to show kindness to a student who is facing problems at home. You may never know what your students are going through, so show compassion. Treat every child as your own and equally.


Be a role model

Some students may not have a role model in their home, and they will look up to you. In Japan, teaching is a highly respected career. Teachers are expected to have high standards and good morals. Once you are a teacher, live a respectable life; set good examples for every student to follow. If your students are not listening to your words, they will listen to your actions. Actions speak louder than words.


Classroom management

Great teachers should be able to manage their classrooms. It is okay if you are not good right now, but over time you will find strategies that work well for your students. It could be making your lessons more interesting or allowing students to participate in classroom discussions. In terms of discipline, you will have to be assertive when any student disrupts the class.


Be Knowledgeable of lesson materials

Knowing your subject area well is another attribute of a great teacher. Students like it when their teachers can answer their questions on the spot. If you are knowledgeable of your lesson material, you can explain it well and teach your student. Your students will trust you to lead them if you are very educated on the subject you specialize in.


Deliver lessons well

Students are responsible for their learning; however, teachers are responsible as well. If a teacher did not have any responsibility, then everyone would be home-schooled. You need to deliver your lessons well each day. Even if only one student learns something, then you have done your job. Prepare your lesson plans and objectives before entering the classroom.


Encourage your students

Great teachers have been instrumental in helping students to fulfill their dreams. Do not tell your students they can’t do anything even if they are performing poorly in your class. Instead of telling the students that they will never be successful, tell them that they are capable of performing well and achieving more. Encourage them and speak positivity into their lives. For the students who have been doing well, commend them for their great work and encourage them to continue.


Respect your students

You earn respect from a student by showing respect. Listen to your students when they speak and address their issues. If you are busy, let the students know and speak with them later. Do not use your cell phone during classes. Give the students your undivided attention when it is time to teach. Respecting your students simply means doing what you would like them to do.


Develop a good relationship with parents

Developing good relationships with parents will help you to understand your students more. Meet with parents and discuss their children’s progress in school. It will show both the student and parent that you genuinely care. Some schools have parent meetings at the end of each school term, so make sure you attend and speak with all the parents.


Advise your students

Do not limit your discussion to lesson materials; give good life advice. Your students will appreciate your wise words in the future. This will help to build trust and a good learning environment. Sadly the school curriculum does not prepare a student for the harsh world. Now and then, some good advice will help your students to be more responsible and mature.


Wrapping up

A great teacher has attributes that will impact a student positively. Every student should be respected and encouraged to be the best they can be. As a teacher, you can encourage them to pursue their interests and be noble men and women in the future.



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