10 Tips On How To Be More Open Minded

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In a world that is multicultural, having an open mind can be rewarding. You are able to relate to others without being judgmental. There are so many advantages of being open minded. Looking at things from different perspectives can help you to reform your thinking and ideas. You don’t have to change your value systems but as you learn you can tolerate other ideas. You live a fulfilling life as you embrace new thinking, possibilities, and adventures.

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10 Tips on how to be more open minded



Making friends with people from different cultural backgrounds can help you to be more open-minded. You will experience cultural shock but you will appreciate the new experience. You can compare your culture to the new culture and understand the differences. Things that you have learned can enrich your life and make you flexible.


Learn new things

If you are an expert in a field or a particular area, try learning something in another field. This will help to incorporate what you learn into your area of expertise. It does not matter how good you are in a field you should never stop learning. You don’t know everything and this is why learning can foster growth in your thinking. You should not limit yourself to what you know but seek knowledge continuously.


Don’t shun opportunities

Sometimes we abruptly say no to suggestions without giving it a try. If you are given an opportunity to do something that you have never done, you can give it a try. You may or may not like it but you will not know unless you try. Who knows? You may find that you love it. I was afraid the first time I made the decision to live in another country temporarily. It might be my permanent home in the future. Embrace opportunities because you may love what you found.


Read more

Reading can also help you if you are narrow-minded. You learn about things without experiencing it. This is the beauty of reading especially if the writers are descriptive and eloquent. People who read regularly are usually knowledgeable and open minded.


Engage in discussion

Engaging in discussion with people can help you to be open minded. You will be able to look at things from different angles. Discuss a wide range of topic such as politics, relationships, religion, culture, and cooking etc. Make sure those who you engage with are wise and critical. I would recommend mature adults.


Watch talk shows

There are television programs that discuss educational topics. They usually have a panel of experts who can share their perspectives. You can learn different perspectives and be enlighten. You will not be limited to your thinking and ideas when you learn of other perspectives.


Respect other people’s values

You may have different personal beliefs from others and in this situation, you have to be understanding. Treat their values with the same respect as you treat your personal values. Understanding that everyone is different will help to foster a level of tolerance for other values.


Challenge your thoughts

It is okay to have a discussion with yourself. If you have ideologies then challenge them. Ask yourself why do you believe this? Is it because of my experiences? Would others think the same way? Some people adapt principles that were taught to them by parents and guardians without challenging them. Stepping outside of what you are used to and exploring can help you to be more open.


Learn the history

Before you start to make judgments about people and the world. Try to learn about the history. It will allow you to be more understanding. Sometimes you cannot understand complex things unless you put yourself in the position. History can explain a lot of things that are different or seem abnormal to you.


Ask questions

The best way to learn is by asking questions. You can think deeper when you ask questions and analyse the answers given. You will understand why things work the way they do. Why people behave the way they do. So instead of making judgments about a person’s choices, ask they why they resort to this. Maybe it will help you to accept things you don’t agree with.


Wrapping up

It is hard to be open-minded but it is possible. Being open-minded can help you be flexible to different situations. You can also live a fulfilling life when you are open minded.





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