10 Tips On How To Organize Your Closet

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The best way to organize your closet is to use all the space available for the things that you use often. The clothes that you wear to work and school should be easily accessible. You can display them on hangers according to color codes. You can also organize your clothes according to categories. The jeans and casual clothes should have their own section. These organization ideas will allow you to have an organized closet.

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How To Organize Your Closet – Tips and tricks


Remove all the unnecessary items from your closet and create more space. After figuring out the things you don’t need, you can sell the items or give them away to family, friends or strangers. Decluttering helps you to get some space in your closet. It does not make sense to keep items that you do not use or wear anymore.


Label your containers/basket

For all the excess clothes that cannot hang on the hanger, you should fold them and place in a basket or container. You place the containers or basket neatly in a corner on the floor. To avoid confusion you should label your containers and basket. If you will store towel in a basket then label the basket towels. It makes it easy to find what you are looking for the next time you run to your closet for something.


Utilize storage on top

Many closets are built with space on top where you can place additional items. You can add a shelf or wire rack above your closet rod. You can place your purses, containers and whatever you like. Since it is difficult to reach it is best to place items that you are not using currently. For example, during spring winter clothes can be placed on top until you are ready to use them again.


Fold once per week

Folding is a simple process that can transform your closet. It can be a daunting task but do it once a week as you finish your laundry and get it out of the way. Sheets and towel that are not used often should be folded and stack neatly.


Organizing shoes in the closet

Don’t throw away your wine boxes. They can be used to store your shoes and place inside your closets. The next option is to buy a cheap shoe hanger to store your shoes. You store up to ten pairs of shoes. A shoe rack can also be inserted in the closet where you can align your shoes neatly.


Add additional shelving

Adding shelves can create more space for items you want to organized. You can make it on your own using wood, screw, screw drills and brackets. Depending on your closet size and space you select where you would like to add shelves. It can be at the top or bottom. After you have add shelves you can place your shoes, handbags, and containers.


Insert wall hook on doors

On the door of your closet, you can add some hooks to hang things like your hats or belts. You may also place your everyday items on the door. When you are ready to leave the house, you simply pick up your jacket and leave the house without creating a mess. Hanging your jacket on on your closet door save time while keeping your closet organized.


Jewelry board

A jewelry board can be used to hang your necklaces. It will prevent it from tangling. You can create your own jewelry board and design it to suit you. Then you add clear pins all over so you can hang all your necklaces. It makes your life so much easier. Instead or throwing your necklaces in a box, you can hang them neatly on a jewelry board and place inside your closet.


Hanger dividers

Hanger dividers separate clothes in your closet and make it super organized. You can create your hanger dividers using cardboard, old CDs, wood and scrap paper. The other option is to purchase them from Walmart if you are not in the creative mood.


Wrapping up

Keeping your closet organized requires a lot of work but with these tips and trick, the job becomes easier. Keep the clothes you wear often on hangers so you can reach them easily. It prevents chaos when you can’t find your favorite top and before you know it your closet is disorganized.


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