10 Tips On How To Plan The Perfect Outdoor Wedding

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It is every girl’s dream to have the perfect wedding. Wedding outdoors can be beautiful and memorable. Planning outdoor weddings require some precaution such as selecting a day that will not be rainy. In order to have a successful wedding, you have to make sure all your outdoor wedding checklist is fulfilled. You don’t want to plan a wedding outside and then it is ruined because you did not prepare it properly. This article will look at some wedding outdoor tips.

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Tips for planning an outdoor wedding



Tents can be used as shelter from harsh sunlight and pouring rain. The shelter has to be very sturdy so that you and your guests are comfortable. It should be able to withstand pouring rain, the wind, and harsh sunlight. With a shelter, you can have your ceremony despite the unpleasant weather and enjoy your special day.


Are you adventurous?

The weather can be unpredictable and if you are not careful it can affect your outdoor wedding. During the ceremony, it starts to rain and you are drench in your beautiful wedding dress. If you are an adventurous person then maybe it won’t be a problem but if you are not, then you should consider using a tent for your outdoor wedding. If you don’t mind then it will be a memorable occasion for you as you danced in the pouring rain while saying your vows.


Prepare for uninvited guests

An outdoor wedding may be accompanied by bugs and unwanted insects. Make sure you are prepared to deal with this. If you can spray the area before the reception then do so. You may offer your guests fans so they can fan away mosquitoes and insects. You can also encourage your guests to walk with spray for bugs.


Offer drinks for rehydration

It is nice to be sitting on the beach while watching two beautiful people unite in love. On the beach, it is not unusual to be thirsty. Make sure your guests, bridal, and groom party are equipped with refreshments. Everyone can take a water to sip to prevent dehydration.



Access to facilities

Do not plan your wedding in the middle of nowhere and your guests cannot access a restroom. Outdoor weddings will have limited facilities and you have to make sure that they are available. If there are no lights you will need a generator. In the night everyone can be aware of what is going on and have good lighting to take pictures and selfies.


Dress code should match the setting

If you are having a wedding on the beach you cannot wear heels. A nice comfortable slipper will do and even no shoes. Informing your guests about the setting is very important. It will help them to prepare and dress for the occasion.


Budget for chairs

You may have to hire chairs and tables for your guests. In indoor weddings, chairs and tables are provided but outdoor weddings are not be facilitated with these. If you are inviting plenty people then it can be costly so you have to budget for chairs and tables separately. You can hire from churches at a low price and arrange your seating in the open area you want to have your wedding.



You have to consider the timing when you plan an outside wedding. The sun can be very harsh at midday. You don’t want your guests to be suffering from heat stroke and your makeup sweating. The evening would be better for the ceremony to take place. The sun would not be harsh and the ceremony would be more enjoyable.



You also need to make sure that your music can be heard. If you cannot get electric instruments to play at your outdoor wedding then get musical instruments that require no electricity. The saxophone is a beautiful sound to play at your wedding. There are amazing bands that you can hire to do a musical performance for you. College students who need exposure can work with the budget you have. It doesn’t have to be expensive.


Always have a plan B

The final tip is to always have a plan B. It helps you to prepare for the worst. It is better to be over prepared. You can plan your outside wedding and hope for the best. However, if situations occur such as heavy rain then you work with your plan B and still have a successful wedding.


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