10 Ways To Have A Happy Relationship

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We all long for our fairy tale ending with “the one.” This is usually a happy relationship that is long lasting. It is not always a bed of roses but 90% of the time, it is happy because you are with the person. It does indeed take work for any relationship to work but at the same time, it should not feel like work. You should be happy to do things to keep the people you want to have a healthy relationship with. This applies to friendship, family, and romantic partners.

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What makes a happy relationship?

A happy relationship is built on honesty, respect, forgiveness, and loyalty. It is when people are happy together through the good and bad times. Some people can be with someone forever and it still feels like the first day when they met. Families  and friends have problems but they stick together by forgiving and compromising. Personally, I believe that people who are able to stick with each other through thick and still love each other are the optimum of happy relationships. A happy relationship does not mean you don’t have problems. There will be challenges but as long as the person is with you, you are the happiest person alive.

“I rather be beside you in a storm than safe and warm by myself.”- Luther Vandross


How to have a happy relationship?

All relationship consist of rules. You should lay down ground rules and expectations before you begin a relationship with someone. After this has been finalized then each party should try to maintain all agreements in order to have a happy relationship. We know everyone is not perfect and this is where forgiveness comes in the picture. It takes everyone involved in the relationship to make it happy. We will look at ten tips you can do to sustain a happy relationship.


10 Ways to have a happy relationship

Love each other

It is easy to get bored of each other especially when you have been together for years. Seek to keep the spark going by falling in love with each other every day. This is the secret to a happy relationship. Ever wonder why people fell in love with someone else even though they love their partner? Sometimes people get lazy and stop doing the things they use to do when they first met. The things that made their partner fell in love should be done regularly. You should also show your friends and family you love and appreciate them by doing simple gestures every now and then.


Always show respect

Mutual respect is a fundamental element in a happy relationship. People will feel comfortable around you. Always speak to your loved ones kindly and respect their values. Continuous disrespect can tear any relationship apart. Showing respect also minimizes fights and quarrels.



Do you have a friend that you are not close to anymore? Most of the time you just fell apart because you communicate less. Lack of communication can destroy any relationship even if it is good. If you want to have a happy relationship you have to communicate regularly especially if you don’t live with your partner.


Spend time together

It doesn’t matter how busy you are, you should always make time for your partner, family, and friends. Spend time together and fit your love ones in your busy schedule. Even by just eating dinner and breakfast together. Have mushy pillow talk every once in a while. Let your love ones feel loved by spending time with them.


Laugh together

Laughter is the key to happiness Be silly with each other and share jokes. You will enjoy each other company more. It is often said that laughing is the best medicine. It will get you through the dark days and challenges.


Never stop dating each other

Keep the spark in the relationship by going on dates. The romantic gestures should not stop at courting. Surprise your partner with a dinner date after work. Don’t wait until it is a special day to have a romantic dinner.


Fight fair

In every relationship, there is arguments but the happy ones fight fairly. You should fight to find a solution to the problems. Sometimes you have to compromise for your loved ones in order to make them comfortable and happy.


Leave the past to the past

Too many couples focus on the past instead of the future. This prevents you from enjoying the relationship as you should. You are instead bitter and angry about the past. You cannot change the past so move forward and make the future the best years of your life.


Make memories

Travel together or do something you both enjoy. Take pictures so that you can look back on those wonderful memories and smile. When you grow old together you  can reminisce and smile at the good times.



Have a special tradition

A special tradition will spice up a relationship and give both partners something to look forward to. It could be going to the place where you first met for your anniversary every year. If married you can renew your wedding vows. It all depends on you. You can create your own traditions to suit the relationship you want to keep happy.



Wrapping it up

Relationships are important and you should do everything in your power to maintain a happy relationship. You should not only focus on a romantic relationship but every relationship in your life including family and friends. Most of these tips apply to all relationships.




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