15 Awesome Indoor Games For Kids

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Who says kids can’t have fun indoor? There are many fun games for kids. Traditional indoor games are fun games to play inside. You can make changes to outdoor games and make them fun games for kids to play inside. Video games are not the only kids’ indoor games. Fun games for kids to play includes cards, hide and seek, and a scavenger hunt. This article will look at the best indoor games for kids.

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Best indoor games for kids

Card games

Card games are fun to play. You are not limited to one type. Some of the cards games you can try are Go fish, Crazy eights, and Slapjack. It will teach them how to be competitive and good sportsmanship. This can sharpen their numeracy skill as well.



Puzzle games can increase cognitive ability, problem-solving and memory skills. It will help with shape recognition as well. This is a game that will keep kids focus and stationary but fun at the same time.


Treasure hunt

Kids are usually very hyperactive and a treasure hunt game would be fun. It is used as an outdoor game but it can be an indoor game as well. It will be an awesome exercise for kids. This game involves written clues. You will find hidden items base on written clues.


Hide and seek

This game is similar to treasure hunt but simpler. It does not involve any written clues. One person will hide in the home and the kids will try to find the hidden person. It could also be reversed. If there are five people. Four people will hide while one person searches for the hidden person.


Video games

Video games are available online. You can download exciting games and allow your children to play indoor.


Dolly house

This is an indoor game that girls will love. It will teach them how to be nurturers as they take care of their doll. You can get a different type of dolls with kitchen set. They can change their doll and comb their hair.


Drawing contest

Get a pen and paper and have a drawing contest. Give the kids an item to draw and watch them give you their best representation of the item. The person with the best drawing will be the winner.


Mini Karaoke

Children love to perform and show their talent. Have a mini karaoke indoor and let the kids perform for you. They can recite a poem, sing a song, drama or even dance. It would be fun to watch. Kids are jovial and free spirited.


Indoor hopscotch

If your home allows you to draw boxes you can let the kids play hopscotch. If not you can create your indoor hopscotch.You can tape papers on the floor and draw the boxes.


Hand clapping games

Most handclapping games are played with two people such as patty cake. You sing the lyrics of a song and while clapping hands together with someone else.


All you need are music and chairs and you have an indoor game. The chairs are placed back to back and it should be one less than the number of people playing. You play the music and the kids will walk around them. When the music stops they will try to sit on a chair. The person without a chair leave the game and one chair is removed.


Rock, paper, scissors

This game can be played by more than one person. In this game, you have a stone, sheet and scissors. Stone breaks scissor, sheet wraps stone and scissor slices the sheet. The kids will say rock, paper, scissor and move one hand up and down. When they say scissors they should use their hand to represent one of the listed items. This is repeated until one person wins. The winner is the person who has won all the sessions.


Play dough

Clay games can put the kid’s creativity at work. They can use colorful clay to create something of their choice. It could be ice cream, ball, mini pizza. The options are unlimited.


Building blocks

Building blocks, a nice indoor game for kids. I am sure there are items in your home that can serve as building blocks. You can use Legos, ABC blocks, and wooden blocks. They can stack block together while learning and having fun.


Simon says

Simon Say is another fun game that can be played indoor. It will exercise listening skills. One person will say Simon say and then say an action. For example, Simon says “touch your toes” Everybody will obey and touch their toes.


Wrapping up

Indoor games for kids can be fun and beneficial. Some help to improve cognitive skills, memory, and social skills.


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