Improving a relationship that has lost it magic is possible. Nothing is irreparable. Couples don’t last long because they ignore problems instead of finding ways to fix it. Old couples that have been together for a long time will tell you that they fix broken things instead of throwing them away. Don’t throw away a relationship that is worth it. There are relationship building activities that can secure the broken pieces. Dating is one such activity. It will bring you and your partner together and restore the bond that was there. If communication is lacking, practice communicating more. Let’s see how you can improve your relationship.

Simple tips on how to improve your relationship

The relationship between you and your partner was good but you want to make it great again. The best advice I can give you is to think back to what made you attracted to your partner in the first place. Remember the good old days and ignite some spark. Visit the place where you both had your first date and remember exciting memories. If you went through a rough patch, be patient and let things return to normal. Participate in activities that will build your relationship. These include date nights, road trips, games, and vacations together. Bonding is very important in a relationship. No matter how busy you are you need to have bonding moments. It can range from kissing to cuddling with each other.

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Ask your partner what changes they would like to see in the relationship?

The best way to improve a relationship is to talk about it with your partner. What is that they would like you to improve on? They will give you the best guidance. They know what they want far more than relationship experts who are not in the relationship. Instead of doing a search on google about how to improve a relationship, talk to  your partner. They will shed some light. If she wants you to help her around the house to ease the burden you will get the answers you are searching for. It is right there before you, your partner.


Improve yourself

After your partner has highlighted some of the issues that are disrupting the relationship then you need to make some changes. If your partner does not like when you call them derogatory names then work on that. Improving yourself  will make your partner comfortable and allow the relationship to thrive. When you work on yourself you become happier and eventually your partner becomes happier too.



Technology does make things easier and help us to connect and share wonderful memories. It has changed the way people function in relationships and sometimes it can be harmful. It takes away genuine heartfelt moments. You receive flowers from your partner you take a picture and post it on Facebook instead of savoring the moment and telling your partner how sweet the gesture was.  Deactivating your social media accounts and giving your partner your undivided attention can improve the connection in your relationship.


Renovate intimacy

Do something spontaneous and spice up the relationship and you will see improvements instantly. Be affectionate and hug your partner before you rush out to catch the bus in the mornings. If the sex life is too predictable switch it up a bit and surprise your partner.

improve your relationship

Remind your partner how and why you love them

Be vulnerable and express your feelings. Maybe they forget how much they mean to you. This will touch them emotionally and automatically draw them closer to you. They will never forget when you do this once in a while. Love them unconditionally and focus on positive things that you love about them. Everybody express their affection differently, do it in your own way.


Keep the attraction alive

“I promise to keep my figure right, remain the same chick you fell in love with” Destiny child gave some good advice to women about maintaining their appearance for their lover. Men are visual creatures and they like when their partner is attractive. They like when women take care of their outward appearance just for them. Women also like to look at their partner and admire them too. Get a gym membership and get your body in shape. Change your wardrobe as well and give them the surprise of a lifetime. Get the hair cut she loves every once in while. If the attraction died revive it and improve your relationship.


Forgive mistakes

Forgiving your partner is integral in every successful relationship. Maybe you cannot get past the hurtful things your partner did. Do not allow it to consume you and deteriorate the relationship. Learn to forgive and move forward. No one is perfect, expect disappointments and be prepared to put it behind you.


Don’t repeat mistakes

If your partner has forgiven you for a past mistake then try not to repeat it. The best form of apology is changed behavior. Prove to your partner that you have learned your lesson by becoming the best version of you. It also shows that forgiving you was a good decision that they made.


Be appreciative

Motivate your partner by being appreciative of the efforts that they make. Saying “thanks for doing the dishes for me doesn’t hurt.” They will do it more often once they realize you appreciate the effort.


Give each other space

Send your partner on a boys’ or girls’ night out. Let your partner have a life outside of the relationship. Allow them to spend quality time with their friends and family. Giving them space will allow them to miss your presence. When they are back they can tell you how much they miss you.


Spend quality time together

You both work a 9- 5 and it seems so hard to make time for each other. You don’t need to pressure yourself once you live in the same home. Spend time telling each other about your day before going to bed. Make sure to have dinner together every night and talk. It creates a sense of bonding just by being in each other presence for a period of time. Do not forget the date nights.


Pursue a hobby together

This is a bonding experience that you both can enjoy. You create memories and build stronger bonds. If you both like hiking then plan a hiking trip every two months depending on the schedule. If you both like to travel then visit a country every six months or yearly depending on the budget.


Work together

Don’t treat your partner as an enemy, remember you both are a team. Support personal goals that you both have. Talk about the future and the financial aspects as well. Make sure you pull your weight when it comes to executing these goals. If you both want to buy a house and you agree to save a certain amount. Make sure you save instead of using the money for shopping and gambling. Financial problem is one of the leading cause of divorce. If you want to make the best of your relationships fulfill your financial obligations.


Keep your promises

It’s hard to trust someone who breaks their promises. The relationship could be on shaky grounds but once you start staying true to your word you can stabilize the ground. Don’t break any more promises. Write down the things you say you will do if you cannot remember.


Get counselling

Sometimes there is nothing you and your partner can do and seeking professional help is the best way to improve your relationship. Marriages that were doomed were revived by professional counseling. Do not be afraid to seek professional help if your relationship is struggling.


Wrapping it up

The best way to improve your relationship is to talk to your partner about it. They will tell you what they need and how you can fulfill this need. You can also follow some of the tips listed above and improve a relationship that you value very much.



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