15 Tips To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

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Long distance relationships are very unique. It is one of the most difficult relationships that requires work in order to succeed. If you are in such a relationship, you may feel discouraged at times, wondering will it work. With effort and commitment, it will work.

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Do long distance relationships work?

Yes, long distance relationship can work as long as two people are motivated and determined to make it work – as long a there is a strong vision for being together one day. Both partners have to put things in place to make it possible. If you don’t see a vision of being together after one year or more then it probably won’t work. There are many stories of successful long distance relationships. Personally, I was in a long distance relationship but because of difference in career path, it could not work. This is why a vision of being together at some point in the future is important. However, my cousin has married her long distance boyfriend and they are happily married. Do not let anything tear you two apart.


How to make a long distance relationship work?

Honestly, do everything you would do in a normal relationship. Spend time with each other, communicate regularly, give each other space, have Skype dates, watch movies together online, share photos, have phone sex, flirt. The only thing you cannot do is touch each other and this is why visiting each other is important. If the physical part is not there the relationship will not feel real. Women are more likely to survive a relationship than men. The is because men are visual while women are verbal.


15 tips to make a long distance relationship work


1.The Love has to be strong

Long distance relationship is not for the weak. If the love is not strong then it will work. There are many sacrifices that you have to make when you decide to be in a long distance relationship. If your partner is worth the sacrifices then you will do it out of love.




Communication is vital in any form of relationship. In a long distance relationship, your partner cannot see you or know what you are  doing. Update your partner on what you are up to so that they can feel like they are there with you. Social media will be a strong support in your long distance relationship. Send you partner audios, pictures, videos and schedule Skype dates. Nothing feels good like listening to his or her voice while hugging your pillow right? Of course real date is better but for now, these will substitute.


3.Be honest

Be honest about who you are even if you are afraid your partner will not accept you. Let he/she know the truth from the start. It will be less painful for both of you when the truth comes to light.



You don’t know what they are doing on the other side of the world but if you are willing to take the risk and trust them. Don’t make assumptions when he or she doesn’t reply to your text quickly. Allow them to explain the reason for their slow replies. Tell them when something is bothering you and resolve the issue right away.


5.Visit each other whenever you can

It will NEVER feel like a real relationship if you both cannot visit each other. I know airfare can be expensive but try and visit each other whenever you can. Your partner will be worth the plane ticket anyway. You can do all the things normal couples do and you will be happy while doing it. During the visit, you will get an idea of your partner;’s place and country. It will be easier to transition if you decide to relocate. During your visit, you can make friends, meet your partner’s family so that when you relocate you are not so lonely.



6.Give each other space

While communication is important, give each other space. Let your partner spend the day without talking to you and do something that he/she has a passion for. Remember he/she had a life before you.


7.Lay down ground rules

Tell each other what you expect and want in a long distance relationship.  Will it be an exclusive relationship? How often will each person visit? Who will make the visit? These discussions will ensure that both partners are on the same page. It also reduces conflicts in the future.


8.One partner has to be willing to relocate

Your long distance relationship must have a goal. You cannot stay in long distance relationship forever. Somebody has to relocate in order to make it work.



9.Discuss financial matters with your partner

If you don’t get a job right away will your partner be in a position to support you? Are you going to pay rent or move in your partner’s home?  This is where savings comes in. You have to save so that you can sustain yourself if you decide to relocate.


10.Ensure that you will have a fulfilling career

Will it be easy to get a job in your partner’s country? Research the country’s job market. Are there companies that you are interested in? What qualifications or work experience do you have that will make job hunting easier? If the answers are positive then your long distance relationship can continue.


11.Phone sex

People dread long distance relationship because they will not have sex regularly. If sex is not a high priority then this will not be a problem for you. Again, the love has to be strong in order for a long distance relationship to work. Phone sex will spice up things in your long distance relationship. It would be fun and you tease your partner until he/she sees you.


12.Exchange personal gifts

Give your partner something to hold on to like a teddy bear, a t-shirt with your favorite cologne. This  is something they will have when you both are apart. It will create a level of intimacy and reduce loneliness to some degree.



13.Be patient

This is integral for anyone in a long distance relationship. If this is not one of your characteristics you will not survive. You will be sad at times because the one you love cannot be near you. Remember – Love is patient.


14.Motivate each other

Whenever you are feeling down let your partner know. Your partner will understand how you are feeling and hopefully encourage you. This is an experience that you both will go through together and it will bring you closer together.


15.Tell your family and friends about your partner

Introduce your partner to your family so that they feel like a part of your family. It would be easier to transition when they are officially a part of your family. Your loved ones can be a support system when your partner is not around.

Wrapping it up

A long distance relationship is challenging but fun. It is one form of test that can prove that true love exists. It is a great accomplishment when anyone survives a long distance relationship. You will be happy once you are together with your partner officially. I hope your long distance relationship survive. Remember true love is worth the wait.


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