15 Ways To Build Great Friendships

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Friendships are life long investments that add value to your life. Good friendship makes you feel happy and free. You share precious moments together and develop a bond. Friendships can grow stronger. It is up to you to nurture your friendships so that it can last a lifetime. It takes time and effort like any other relationships.There are also tough times and a good friendship will last during this period. This is what separates weak  friendship from the strong ones. Will it break over quarrels and tough times? A great friendship will withstand the odds and survive no matter what. True friends add valuable to you and make you a better person.

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What makes a friendship strong?

A strong friendship is built on trust, loyalty, intimacy, and respect. You can tell this person anything without feeling judged. The trust is cemented over the years. If you go through your darkest moment your friend will be there with you and comfort you.  You share secrets, dreams, outlook on life and build a bond with each other. You are attached to your friend by an unbreakable bond. It is possible to have a strong friendship. I have always admired Rhianna’s relationship with her best friend Melissa Ford. They are the definition of friends forever. Everybody needs a good, strong and genuine friendship and we will look at 15 ways to build a great friendship.


15 Ways to build a great friendship



It is true that lack of communication can end a friendship hence it requires work. Technology has made it easy to reach people anytime and anywhere. You have no excuse not to reach out to your friends and talk. Check up on your friends and let them know that you care about them.



You cannot change a person for who they are and you have to accept it. We all have different personalities and preference. Sometimes we have shortcomings and flaws. Accepting your friend for who they are is an important step when building a great friendship. This will make them comfortable around you.



No one is perfect and people will do you wrongs You will need to forgive and let go if your friend hurt you in any way. This is very important if you don’t want the friendship to end. Discuss and talk about it instead of ignoring the person. They deserve to know what they did wrong and not a silent treatment. After you talk about it hopefully they won’t do it again.



Encourage your friend to pursue their dream or do the right things. In the end, you will be appreciated for doing this. We all need motivation at times and this is an essential role that every friend should play. Be a motivator and an uplifter. Friends have the power to influence, use that power in a positive way.



Listen to your friends

Always give a listening ear when your friends need to express their feelings. A genuine friend is someone you can call at any time. If they are busy they will call you back at an appropriate time and listen to their friends concerns. Sometimes we need to let out emotions and we need someone to listen to us. This is a very important role you should play if you want your friendship to last.



Everybody likes compliments and so does your friend. Compliment your friend on their achievements. This will show them that you are happy for them and they will be motivated to make you proud.


Be honest

Honesty is important in all relationships and even friendships too. Your friends will be able to trust your word. If you lie to them they will feel betrayed. Lack of trust can damage your friendship.



Treat your friends with respect. Disrespecting a friend will weaken your relationship and even cause it to end. Respect your friend’s values, dreams, family, and religion. Do not say hurtful things to your friend.


Be reliable

Your friend should be able to count on you. If you said you will do something, then stand by your word. Don’t make promises you cannot keep. You should be a reliable friend.


Spend time together

It doesn’t matter how busy you are, try to spend time with your friend. It does not have to be regularly but every now and then. Invite them to lunch when you are free and catch up. Face to face interaction is important in building your friendship.



Be open

Share your values and secrets with your friend. They will get to understand you more and feel valued when you confide in  them. Opening up can create a bond. Share updates on your life so they can feel like they are apart of it.



In all relationships, trust is important. If somebody says something odd about your friend and your friend denies it, you should be able to believe them before the denial.  After all, you should know your friend well.


Do crazy things together

Sharing happy moment together can strengthen your friendship. You will build a bond as you remember happy times together. Go hiking, spend your vacation at a dream destination. Having fun will sparkle your friendship.


Show appreciation

Don’t take your friendship for granted. Show your friends you appreciate them. Send them gifts for special and non-special occasions. It doesn’t have to be expensive, a simple text telling them you are glad they are a part of your life.

Be loyal

Do not replace your friends for someone else or for a relationship. Be faithful and devoted to the friendship. A loyal friend is more precious than diamonds.


Wrapping it up

If you want to have a great friend then be a great friend by following these 15 tips. Good and genuine friends are hard to find. If you have a great friend then never let them go.






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