5 Amazing Benefits Of Swimming

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Swimming is not only a great hobby but it provides an alternative way to exercise. Have you ever look at the body of a swimmer versus the body of an athlete. No? Try looking at Michael Philips body in comparison to other athletes that you know. Swimming provides a full body workout. Your whole body is engaged in the activity. Every muscle from your head to toes. There are health benefits associated with swimming. You keep fit and healthy and monitor your body weight. It is also good for your psychological well being as it reduces stress. Let us look at five amazing benefits of swimming.

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5 Amazing benefits of swimming



As a swimmer, you need to be flexible in order to move through the water easily. Swimming and exercising the muscles will enhance flexibility. How? The muscles are forced to contract and stretch against the constant resistant from the water. The joints and ligaments become loose when you swim and stretch your whole body. You don’t have to do yoga in order to be flexible. Try swimming!


Strengthen your muscles

The different swimming techniques help you to develop stronger muscles. These techniques include butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke, and freestyle. It tones your upper and lowers body simultaneously with consistent practice. Swimming requires your whole body in the process and as a result, all muscles are involved. You don’t have to worry about injury when you swim. Just make sure you stretch before swimming.


Healthy heart

Exercising is good for strengthening your heart beat. When you swim your heart pumps oxygenated blood to the body and strengthen your cardiovascular system. The heart is like a muscle and the when you work it, you strengthen it. Swimming like exercise lowers the risk of getting heart diseases. It enhances your cardiovascular endurance.


A good way to reduce stress

Swimming can take your mind off a rough day at work. It takes your attention of whatever situation that is bothering you. Gliding through the water can be relaxing. Swimming is not only a form of aerobic exercise but it is also a hobby for many people. You can do fun activities when you are very good at swimming such as diving, scuba diving, and snorkeling.



Contributes to weight loss

Swimming allows you to burn more calories than other physical work out. It is indeed a full body work out. You also will experience less injury in comparison to other exercises. If you don’t like sweating when you work out then you can just swim and burn calories. You can 500 to 900 calories depending on how fast and slow you swim. It also depends on the length of time as well. You will get a better result if you swim for one hour instead of 15 minutes.


Wrapping it up

Taking a swim in the pool or ocean regularly is a fun way to exercise your body. Less physical injuries are reported when you swim so it is relatively safe. Just like vigorous exercise, swimming can strengthen muscles and tone your body. It can also improve your cardiovascular endurance.




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