5 Tips On How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

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The new year is approaching and it is time to reflect and make plans for the future. We prepare for the new year by making New Year’s resolution. New Year’s resolution is something everyone thinks about but fail to fulfill sometimes. You pledge to save more but then by the time the year ends you realize that you did not save as much as you should. This article will look at how you can keep your New Year’s resolution.

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How to make your New Year’s resolution?

Making a New Year’s resolution is simple. You need to reflect on last year and see what you have not accomplished. Why you did not accomplish them and then develop strategies on how you will accomplish them? The previous year will guide and help you to figure out what you need to do for the new year. What is your weakness? What could you improve on? When you answer all these questions write it down and you will have some good New Year’s resolutions.


How to keep New Year’s Resolution

Write it down

Writing down your goals and placing them where you can see it every day is very effective. People who do this are more likely to accomplish any task they set out to do. Writing down your goal is like a map and vision. If you don’t know where you are going you will run around in circles. However, when you have your goals written down you know where you are going. You will make progress and achieve them eventually.


Have a time plan

If you want to keep your New Year’s resolution have a time plan. If you realize, when you have a deadline you carry out your duties faster. It is the same way with goals. Once you give yourself a time limit you will not procrastinate and put off your plans. If you want to go to graduate school then set a date. For example, “In two years time, I will start my graduate studies.”  After you have given yourself a timeline then start working towards your goals. Save or search for scholarship within the two-year period.


Tell people about it

Telling people about your resolution is a good idea. You can tell your friends and family so that they can help you to achieve your goals. They will encourage and remind you about your plans. They will gently guide and lead you. If you feel like giving up they discourage you from doing so. They are basically your goals written down in the form of a person. They will remind you and keep you focused.


Be realistic

Set goals that are realistic and easy to achieve. If you want a new car then you have to choose a car that is within your budget. If you work a minimum wage don’t expect to buy a brand new Range Rover. You should not limit yourself but write down goals that are realistic. Goals that are achievable according to your circumstance.


Start right now

Do not delay and put off your plan off but start right now. If you keep saying tomorrow you will never get it done. Time will go by quickly and before you know it the year is over and you have accomplished nothing. Start right now do not wait. Get the gym membership and show up at the gym.


Wrapping up

As the New Year approach write down your resolution after reflecting on your life. New Year’s resolution helps you to be a better person. As long as you are dedicated and focus you will accomplish your New Year’s resolution.



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