5 Tips On How To Say No

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“Hey, I have a favor to ask?”

“Okay, go ahead”

“I really need your help. I know I have not pay you back as yet but I need some more money”

Have you ever been in a situation similar to this? You are always helping people and you just cannot say no. It becomes a habit until people start taking advantage of you. If you are a person who feels bad whenever you say no then this article is here to help you. Saying “no” is sometimes the best option for you. It means that you have a limit and you cannot please everyone in a particular situation. It does not make you a bad person – all you need to do is simply learn to say no.

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5 tips on how to say no


Be assertive

Saying no is hard but you have to do it if you are not happy with the request that the person has. You also have to assertive or you will be pressured once they sense that you are uncertain. Once you are assertive they will accept your answer easily.  There is a high chance that they will not bother you again. If you do not say no then people will take advantage of you continuously. In order to prevent this, you have to stand up and set boundaries by saying no.


Make sure you are comfortable

Very often you are bullied into something  you don’t want to do. If you are not comfortable with the request then do not do it. You will cause yourself pain if you force yourself to say yes when you really want to say no. If it is something you do not want to do simply say no. Remember your happiness comes first. If you say yes then chances are you will not do it willingly. Pass the opportunity to someone else by saying no. You will know when to say no just trust your gut, it is always right.


Delay response

Think before you say no and you can delay your response to do this. This will allow you to think about the situation thoroughly. Sometimes it is a tough decision to make right away and you need time. Analyze the possible consequences that will follow after you say no and ensure that you are okay with it. It could be a promotion or a job offer that you feel comfortable about declining. Instead of quickly saying no , wait. After enough time pass, you will be certain that this is the best solution.


Provide an alternative

If you feel guilty about saying no because the person will think that you are selfish then providing an alternative will help. When you offer an alternative solution it will show the person that you are willing to help but you are just not the right person at the time. They will understand your position. I remember asking somebody to write a recommendation letter and received an email, saying no. In the email, the person explained that they did not know me well enough to process my request. The person even suggested two other persons who will be more suitable to write the letter. I understood and did not complain. Providing an alternative will cushion the rejection.


Accept that you cannot please everyone

Do not feel guilty when you say no. The truth is, we can’t always get what we want and sometimes it is the best situation. In the context of parenting, you will have to say no to your children. It is usually in their best interest and for their own self-development. They will ask permission to do things that are fun but dangerous in the long run. As a good parent, you will be preventing them from danger by saying no. They will resent you but after growing up they will appreciate all the no anwers you gave them.


Wrapping up

It is hard to say no especially to people we care about but sometimes you have to firmly say no. You have to do this in order to prevent people from taking advantage of you. Sometimes the proposal that you are presented with is not appealing and you rather simply decline. Saying no does not mean you are selfish. Sometimes it means that you have other priorities to and a simple no is the best solution.



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