5 Ways To Build A Great Team

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“Teamwork makes the dream work” how many times have you heard this quote? This quote emphasizes the importance of teamwork in order to accomplish a certain goal. However, it is important that each team member pulls their weight in every task and encourage each other. If you think of any sports team you will notice without team effort they cannot win. It doesn’t matter how great James LeBron is, he cannot win a game without his team. A great team is important and I will be sharing a few tips on how to build a great team.

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Hire the best candidate

The recruiting manager will be responsible for selecting the best person for a specific role. Ensure that your recruiting manager is highly trained to determine if the candidate is fit for the role advertised. They will look at the qualifications, character and the ability to contribute positively to the business. In sports, they will select the most talented athlete to perform at national events and championships. This same principle applies when hiring or selecting employees for your company.


Educate the team

If you are a business owner and you want to have a great team, then you should educate the team about your business, product, and service. This is very important for employees who interact with customers regularly. It is really frustrating when a representative of an organization don’t know how to answer simple questions about their company.


Strengthen weak areas

In order to see weakness, you have to get to know your team. Everyone has a weakness and if it can improve through training then strengthen it. In most organization, they will train employees instead of hiring new persons for a certain role. In this situation, the organization is strengthening their team through training and workshops. With these trainings, your team will be more confident and provide world class service.



Without good communication, a team cannot carry out their duties effectively. Poor communication leads to confusion. For example, if you have a volleyball team playing a match, the coach will stress on the importance of communicating with team members. Each team member has to acknowledge when the ball is theirs so they will not bounce into other players. In an organization, communication plays a critical role in the operation of the business. Technology has made it easier to communicate and many organization uses email to communicate with their employees and supervisors.


Lead by example

Design Team discussing Plans together

As the CEO, you represent your organization and you want your team to display  certain characteristics. The best way for your team to learn is from you. If you want your team to be punctual then show up at work early. You want them to have a solid work ethics then you need to be seen as an industrious person. You motivate your team members by your actions.


Wrapping up

Building a strong team takes time. Get to know your team member and access their strength and weakness. Improve areas that are weak through training and workshop. Communicate with your team member so that they understand their roles and duties. Your team is a reflection of you. Ensure that you lead by example.






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