5 Ways To Wake Up Happy And Feel Awesome

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Everybody have their moments when they are feeling sad, demotivated and depressed. Life has its ups and downs. Even the happiest person you know go through some dark times. Attitude and approach to life are what differentiate sad and happy people. You can choose to be sad or happy. If you choose the latter then you have to make the effort to be happy despite whatever situation you face.

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How to wake up happy?

The key to happiness comes from within and your thoughts can contribute to how you feel. If you think positively then you feel positive and confident. If you think or focus on negativity then you get depressed and sad. How to wake up happy? think about positive things when you wake up. Do you have a passion? Do you have a supportive family? Think about how blessed you are to see another beautiful day. Be grateful for life and all the things you have. If your life is not the way you have plan it then think about what you are doing to change it. Being sad and unhappy won’t help the situation. On the other hand when you are happy you will be more motivated to change the situation. Let us look at five ways to wake up happy and feeling awesome.


Five ways to wake up happy and feel awesome


Think about what makes you happy

Everybody have a passion that makes them happy. It could be some amazing memories that you created with family and friends. When you wake up focus on positive things such as what you will accomplish today or things to be thankful for. Your thoughts contribute to your overall well-being. Think positively and your attitude will be pleasant. Your day will be ten times better if you wake up happy. You will do your morning routine more eagerly and take on the day. You can also make note of the good things that happen daily and when you wake up, reflect on them. It could be a kind word from someone about your work. It does not have to be extraordinary simple things that will bring a smile to your face.



Meditating can relax your mind and it can happen in several ways.If you are religious then you can perform your own ritual and meditate. If you are not religious you can try doing yoga exercise. If you like nature, you can take a walk in the park or observe the beautiful sunrise. In order to meditate you need a quiet place where you can get some alone time and just get in tune with yourself. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. You will enjoy this moment to yourself.



After a vigorous workout, you take a shower and you will feel happy about accomplishing something. Exercise is known for reducing stress. Physical activity increases the production of endorphin, this hormone reduce pain and help a person to feel happy. Exercise can build self-confidence as you get your body in good shape. You will feel happy about improving yourself. In addition, exercising is also beneficial to your health and it a good practice that you should adopt. In the future, you will less likely to have a chronic illness and be not only happy but healthy too.


Read something inspirational

When you wake up in the morning read something inspirational. There are many inspirational books that you can get access to. Words are very powerful and they can change the way you feel. A positive word can inspire and motivate you to take on life with a positive attitude. If you feel down reading inspirational stories on blogs can change your mood to an uplifting one. This is very useful when you don’t have anyone around to motivate you when you wake up in the mornings. You can also listen to audio clips that will encourage you to work hard for that dream you have. Whether it is a house, car or starting your own business. You will wake up with a drive to be better and feel amazing.


Listen to  music

Music has a way of calming you internally and allowing you to feel relax. There are different kind of music that can heal you. It will depend on the type of music you like. Do you like loud happy or slow soft music? Whichever makes you feel happy,the choice is yours. Some people sleep with music in order to sleep peacefully. You can try this and wake up to soothing music. You will feel relaxed and ready to take on the day ahead.  If you like loud happy music then you can blaze it when you wake up in the morning but be careful about waking others.



Wrapping up

Being happy is a conscious choice that you have to make every day. You can wake up happy and feel amazing but ensure that you maintain it throughout the day and for the rest of your life. Life is too short,enjoy every moment. Do what make you happy and live like it is your last.


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