7 Ways To Maintain Long Distance Friendships

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Distance should not stop you from connecting with long distance friends. In life, there are situations we cannot avoid such as a best friend moving away to live in another country. If we value the friendship we would try to maintain it. Many friendships have disintegrated because of long distance. In order to maintain a long distance friendship, you have to put in the effort. Friendships are a blessing and we should cherish them. There are many social platforms that allow us to connect and catch up with friends who live in another state or country.

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How to maintain long distance friendship?



Visit each other as often as possible depending on your pocket and the distance. Nothing like hugging each other when you meet and share new experiences. It will hurt when they leave but plan and look forward to another visit. You will cherish the time spent on these visits and the friendship will blossom over the years.


Call each other

Talking on the phone will bring friends closer to each other despite geographical distance. You should make time for each other and talk about important events in your life, relationships, etc. Keep your friends updated about your life. They will feel like they are still a part of your life when you still share personal details. Call each other as often as possible. You can use free applications to make calls. This allows you to avoid exorbitant international fees for phone calls. You can use Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook.


Use social media to connect

Social media can be used to connect and you share memories on the internet. They will be aware of things that you probably forgot to tell them about and see what you have been up to. Tag them in pictures and videos to brighten their day without being nearby. Comment on pictures and tell them your view and thoughts. Social media indeed is another way to communicate and connect.


Keep the traditions you have

Continue to keep any tradition that was done while you were together. It will make sure that you are still bonding over the distance. If you use to give each other gifts on each other’s birthdays then you can still do so. Make sure you send your mail early so that they receive their items in time. You can plan trips and go to the favorite restaurant that you both like. Old traditions should still continue and create new ones.


Support each other

The support should never stop once your friends move away. Continue to cheer them up when they have a gloomy day. Be there when they need you. Give advice and encourage them during tough times. They will thank you for giving them a listening ear when they need it the most.


Control jealousy

Accept that they will make new friends and be happy. If you feel replaced then tell them how you feel. Communicated your emotions so that your friend can reassure you that you are still precious to them. If you find that your friend thinks you replaced them the convince them otherwise. If you haven’t been communicating as often as possible let your friends know. Do not make your friends feel neglected. The distance is already hard.


Forgive shortcomings

Communication can cause misunderstanding. Forgetting to skype as planned are human mistakes. Forgive your friends for their shortcomings. Remember no one is perfect. It is better to forgive and work out difficult issues than to lose a valuable friendship.


Wrapping up

With aided communication, a long distance friendship can survive. You need to communicate as often as possible depending on your schedule. Keep each other updated and create memories through the distance. When you reunite cherish and make the most of it.



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