8 Awesome Bachelorette Party Ideas

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Need some ideas on what to do before you tie the not? Bachelorette parties should be fun and exciting. There are plenty party activities that you can implement in your bachelorette party. You need to have a theme and some designated games that everyone can play. This should be easy especially if you know what your friends like to do for fun. A bachelorette party is about celebrating a new chapter in the bride’s life. Let us look at some ideas you  can use to spice up a bachelorette party.

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Bachelorette party ideas


Slumber party

Invite your friends to a slumber party. This will not happen often when married life begins and kids running around the house. A traditional slumber party will allow you to bond with your friends and have deep conversations. You can choose the costume theme and the color code. You can wear matching pajamas or lingerie, whichever you prefer. Games can be played throughout the sessions until everyone falls asleep.


Cooking party

Cooking is fun and fulfilling. A bride will be preparing dishes for her partner and kids so learning new recipes will be beneficial. You can let your friends share some recipes since everybody cooks differently. Sharpen up the bride’s cooking skills at a bachelorette party so she can satisfy her future husband’s taste bud. You can also invite a professional chef to demonstrate some skills to everyone.



A bachelorette party does not have to be indoor.If you are looking for more adventures, try going to a karaoke with your girls. There are restaurants that will host karaoke for their customers.You can enjoy the some of your favorites songs belted out by your colleagues. You can make everyone sing and the audience name the song or artist just by listening to the singer. The person with the most accurate answers win.



Camping is always a good idea for friends who want entertainment. If everybody likes nature, star gazing, and bond fire then you can plan a camping trip with the girls. It takes everyone away from their busy life so they can relax and recharge. You can catch a break from all the wedding plans and just enjoy the company of your friends.


Go to the spa with your girls

Feeling nervous about the wedding? maybe going to the spa with your girls can help. You can get a massage and feel relax and refresh after you are done. The bride won’t be worried about wedding plans at the spa, just enjoy the tranquil scenery with her friends. Everybody likes to be pampered once in a while so this idea will make the bachelorette party a success.


Play truth or dare

Play the truth or dare game is an enjoyable game that everyone can play. You will learn fun things about each other while doing outrageous dare. It will lighten up your mood before the big day. You will be surprised by what you learn about your girls and no doubt be entertained.


Scavenger hunt

The scavenger hunt is also an exciting game to play at a bachelorette party. This can be done indoor or outdoor. You give participant clues to find hidden treasures. You can be creative and let the treasure be gifts for the bride. She will have to search using clues written by everyone.


Challenge game

There are so many game challenges that were invented in 2016. Earlier this year, it started with the Ice bucket challenge and currently the mannequin challenge is blazing all over social media. The challenge could make your bachelorette party interesting and unconventional. Choose the most interesting challenge and play it with your girls. Make sure you record it so you can reminisce about it in the future.


Wrapping it up

A bachelorette party is where everyone has fun especially the bride. It is not the end of fun and adventures but the aim is to celebrate the new chapter in the bride’s life. It gives her time to relax and forget about the wedding plans for awhile.


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