8 Easy Ways To Be A Better Writer

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Are you a freelance writer? Do you find it difficult to construct your thoughts and bring it to life on paper?It is okay to feel this way because you can improve your writing skills through practice, reading and following simple advice from experts. It doesn’t matter which genre or literature you are interested. Whether you write professionally or it is just a hobby. There are universal tips that can help all writers to develop good writing skills. Everyone needs to develop this skill because we write resumes, speeches, emails and even facebook statuses. Writing is an everyday skill that we use to communicate with friends, employees, and family. Let’s look at 8 ways you can improve your writing skills and help you to be a better writer.

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8 Ways to be a better writer


Most professional writers used to read when they were young and still continue to do so. Reading helps you to see different writing styles, tones, and creativity. Once you understand these areas you can master it on your own. As you read you dissect and critique what you read in order to master it. If you have a favorite writer then get access to their materials. You will be inspired by their writing skill and improve yours in the process. Reading also allows you to expand your vocabulary. Next time you want to relax on the weekend, try reading a local newspaper while sipping coffee or wine.



Do drafts

The drafts are like  rough work,experiments, and tests. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Do not try to correct anything as you write. After you have finished writing then you can make the necessary adjustments. If you correct while writing you can forget some essential things that you wanted to write. It is best to write freely and complete the draft before making any corrections. Let your thoughts flow on the paper or screen.


Do an outline

Before you begin a draft it is always good to have an outline. An outline is a road map of the main idea that you want to talk or write about. This is very important because it helps you to focus on the main idea and prevent you from straying. We tend to forget what we learn in English classes sometimes, doing an outline is the backbone for your essay, blog contents, and books.



After you have written your draft you can make necessary corrections. You can omit and reword the draft but keep the main idea. Punctuations and grammar can be corrected. You can also use grammar apps that can help you to make the adjustments. Keep editing until you are tired. Finally, give your draft to someone who is very good at writing to proofread your draft.  They will be able to pick up things that you may have missed and even give constructive criticism.


Write daily

Practice until you become perfect. Writing is a skill that you have to train. You can write several articles per day. Do freelancing that will train you to write about different topics and express yourself in different ways. If you are writing a book, you can write a chapter each day until you have finished that book. If you have a journal you can write about your day and describe important moments. It would be awesome to look back at it ten years from now. You will see improvements as you write daily.




Yes, research and gather information about topics that you are going to write about. It will give you substance to work with. You also need to ensure that the source is credible. When you write, try to have  quality contents. Researching is not only applicable to academic writing but any area that you have limited knowledge on. You can also research what other authors have written on a particular topic and get ideas on how to construct and deliver your articles.


Keep your audience in mind

As a writer, your audience is very important. If you are a scholar in the field and you are writing your thesis then you will write using medical terminologies. However, if you are writing as a guest for a newspaper article then your writing will not be the same as your thesis. You will write to address the public who are not aware of medical terminologies. The audience can affect your writing styles hence you have to know who your audience is when writing.



Attend workshops to improve your writing. You can strengthen your English grammar and get tips on how to improve your writing. You can also meet other writers and editors that you can discuss your concerns with. Workshops are  usually cheaper than writing courses and you can get substance from them.


Wrapping up

Writing is a skill that we use for everyday activities such as emails and social media posts. For some people, it is a profession. If you find that you are not a good writer then you can improve by practicing. Good writing skill does not come overnight. It takes time.





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