8 Great Jobs That Don’t Require College Degree

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Getting a college degree is quite expensive. It is often advised that you go to college in order to be successful. The truth is there are high-paying jobs that don’t require a degree and you can be successful professionally. Jobs without a college degree can be fulfilling and you can live a comfortable life. There are jobs or skills that a college cannot teach you especially if you are interested in a non-traditional career. Some skills you can learn them on your own.  This article will share some great jobs that don’t require college.

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Top best jobs that don’t require college degree

Social media specialist

Large companies will pay someone a good salary to manage their social media accounts. This job does not require a college degree. You just need to be proficient in English, sociable and knowledgeable of social media platforms. As a social media specialist, you will be interacting with customers and updating the company’s social media account. You can earn 30000 – 60000 depending on your experience and additional skills. Additional skills such as computer savvy, marketing, and SEO optimization.



As an entrepreneur, you control your earnings. You can start a small business without a college degree. There are several self-made billionaires who said no to college and use their time to create a successful business. Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple was a college drop out at Reed college. Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy drop out of high school at age 15. Racheal Ray, food networking show star had no formal culinary arts training. These entrepreneurs have proven that your educational background does not correlate with your income.


Makeup artist

A professional makeup artist can enjoy a luxury life especially if their service is in high demand. It can be a natural talent that you have or you can attend classes and be certified. This is an art you can practice on yourself and on others. The annual salary of a makeup artist in the United states is around $60000. If this is something that you are passionate about then you should give it a try.



Many people do not think of YouTube as a career but there are YouTubers who make a generous amount of money by making YouTube videos. Not everyone will be able to sign a movie deal with Disney or popular reality shows. You can create your own short skits and entertain your subscribers. Full-time YouTubers have commented on the flexibility of their job. Some have left jobs in accounting, retail, sales, and the military to work as a full-time YouTuber.  It doesn’t matter what career you choose as long as it makes you happy.



You can blog about anything that you have expertise in and generate a stable income. The average blogger earns about $50000. It does take some time to generate a large traffic to your blog. However with good marketing skills, hard work, and patience you can make it possible. Some of the top earning bloggers in the world are Matt Marshall, founder of VentureBeat earns $50000 – $100000 per month. Gina Trapani, CEO of the popular blog Life Hacker earns $110000 per month.



If you are very good at sports then you can have a promising career if you pursue your interest professionally. Some of the most famous athletes in the world did not attend college. James Lebron, according to Forbes has a net worth of $275 million. The source of his wealth is from basketball. He was a high school basketball star. He later skipped college to join the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers.

Usain Bolt, the fastest man on the planet has a net worth of 60 million. He only attended William Knibb Memorial high school. He has received a doctorate degree from the University of the West Indies because of his great contribution to the field of athletics and regional advancement. Even without studying, you can earn a degree as an athlete.



If you are good with putting words together then you can pursue a career as a writer. There are award winning authors who never graduated from college. Maya Angelou did not start her writing career until she was 40. She graduated high school but could not attend college due financial difficulties. Her work is widely used in schools and universities.



If you are fluent in more than on language you can land a job as an interpreter. You do not need a paper to prove that you are capable of speaking another language. If you are a Spanish native speaker, you are more proficient than someone who is not a native speaker but has a degree in Spanish. You will know the language well and less likely to make grammatical errors. If you choose this career path the experiences will be more important than credentials. You can do freelance interpreting and state your pricing. As you gain exposure and experiences your income can increase.


Wrapping up

An elite college or university education seem to be the answer for a prestigious career. However, there are self-made billionaires who never went to college or drop out. They used their time to invest in their skills and pursue their passion. Going to college does not determine how far you will soar. You can still be the best version of yourself without a college degree.


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