8 Great Ways To Promote Your E-Book

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Are you a self- published author and looking for ways to promote your e-books? Promoting an e-book can help you to get more sales. The key is to build an audience and bring an awareness about your book. You can use social media to educate the public about the book. Reviews from previous readers can also help to promote your book.This article will look at  8 ways you can promote your e-book.

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How to promote you e-book?

Social media campaign

If you have a large fan base then you can use social media to promote your e-book. If you don’t then do not worry. You can use Facebook advertisement and you will reach people outside of your network. Twitter is another social media space where you can promote your e-book. You can pin the tweet about your book so that visitors do not miss it on your page. In addition, you can design visual banners and post it on your page often.


Glimpse of climax

A glimpse of your story climax can create a buzz among your audience. They will be excited and give positive feedback about the book. Select a chapter of a page in your electronic book that will grab your readers attention and leave them wanting more. Make this particular chapter accessible for free and tease potential buyers. It can be posted on your social media account.


Give target audience a summary of the e-book

If you can conduct an interview and talk about your book then go for it. You can give the public a summary of what your book is about. Tell them why they should read your book and what they should expect. Give good reasons so that they are convinced that your e-book is worth the money. Use different media house when you are promoting your e-book.


Launch e-Book

A launch will allow you to promote your e-book. This is effective if you have a large fan base. You could offer reduced prices for those who attend the launch to increase your sales. You can also offer to sign books at the launch. In order to have a successful launch, you need to select the right venue and date. Keep it short and spicy. Make sure you did enough social media campaigns so that your potential buyer will come out and support the launch.


Use websites that sell E-books

Popular websites that sell e-book can strengthen your promotional campaign. Amazon is a popular website to use and promote your e-book. E-book sites will promote your book for free. You can find your target audience and promote it to those who are likely to be interested. Some of the sites include Addicted to e-books, Digital book today, and e-books habit.


Captivating Title

A captivating title can make or break your promotion. You have to use a title that will make people curious about the content. If they are scrolling through social media and they see an advertisement with an interesting book title, they will not skip but click on the advertisement to get more details. If you decide to use a website to sell your book a captivating title will allow your book to stand out among other books.


Wrapping up

Promoting your e-book requires social media campaign and educating the public. There are websites that are dedicated to promoting e-book and making the life of a writer easier. You should use a captivating title that will prompt readers to buy your book. Remember to give a glimpse of exciting things from your contents and tease potential buyers.


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