8 Ways To Create Your Personal Space

Personal space can be described as boundaries that we establish among people in order to feel comfortable. It can be physical or emotional. Sometimes some situations require you to create your own personal space.

You may share an apartment with someone but you feel crowded and you just need some breathing space. The apartment may be small and you want to establish boundaries to create your own space. If you are in a relationship that makes you feel overwhelmed, you may ask for a break because you need space. You are entitled to your personal space. This article will share some tips on what you can do to achieve your personal space.

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Ways To Create Your Personal Space


Rearrange your space

You can rearrange the furniture to suit your taste and maximize space in your apartment. In order to enjoy personal space, you have to create it. You can decorate a small apartment and create the illusion of a huge space.

You can hang an eye-catching painting on the wall with a rug on the floor. You can try placing your furniture against the edges to create open space in the room. The aim is to move about freely and enjoy your personal space.


Furnish your room

Furnishing your space will mark your territory. You can add chairs or a study desk in your room so you can spend your alone time there. Instead of using the couch in the living room to read, you can read in your personalized study room. You can avoid sharing the living room with people when you need your personal space and block out distractions. Furnishing your room should be done in moderation, as adding large pieces can congest the area. Just a small night table, chair, and closet are enough.


Use storage wisely

Using storage wisely helps to keep your space organized and more spacious. You can use the space to move around freely and do whatever you like. Ensure that you use all the storage available before you buy storage boxes to store your items. If your bed frame has drawers, use it to store some items.


Create a Partition

You can create a physical boundary in your shared apartment. You can build temporary walls to separate yourself from a roommate and get privacy. You can use a shoji screen or room divider. This will make you feel comfortable and prevent someone from invading your privacy. You can change your clothes comfortably in a shared room without feeling embarrassed.


Invest in a tent bed

The tent bed provides a private getaway in a crowded house or dorm. It provides some freedom of privacy and personal space. It can reduce bright light when you are ready to nap, but your roommate needs the lamp light to study or read a book. You can sleep comfortably or get lost in your own world with noise-reducing headphones.


Use shared areas when it is empty

It is annoying when everyone cooks in the same kitchen and bumps into each other. To avoid this, you can use the shared facilities when empty. You can study your roommate’s schedule and see when they usually cook. If they cook at 9 am then you will cook earlier or later. This will ensure that you have the kitchen to prepare your meals all to yourself.


Chill in an isolated area

Find an area in the apartment where you can chill and have your alone time. It doesn’t have to be limited to the inside; you can also search outside. This could be the backyard or garden. If you want, you can go outside the apartment to get a break. Most college students go to the library instead of staying at their dorms to study and read. They get more personal space, and it is less distracting.


Wrapping up

It is difficult to create personal space when you live with a large family and roommates. However, creating personal space is possible. You can rearrange your furnishers to make your room spacious and comfortable. You can also divide the room physically so you can get privacy. Finally, use shared facilities when they are empty. Enjoy your personal space but do not segregate yourself from people.


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