8 Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills

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Good communications skills must be honed by everyone. As humans, we interact with people and it is a necessary if we want to succeed professionally and socially. Improving communication skills requires dedication and effort. You can practice your communication skills by socializing with others. Removing any form of distraction that will hinder the communication process. There are simple communication tips that you can follow in order to improve your communication skills.

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How to improve your communication skills?

Listen actively

Talk less and listen more is often preach to someone who is very expressive. You should not only listen but practice active listening. Active listening allows you to engage in any discussion and understand the messages. You are able to gather information and this facilitates effective communication. You can comment on the speaker’s message and have a smooth conversation. Active listening will prevent you from asking the speaker to repeat anything that was said before.


Body language

This is a nonverbal communication that emphasizes the verbal aspect of a message. You can gather information from a person body language only. You have to be careful when using your body language. Sometimes you send a negative message to those around you using body language. Practice to control your facial expression so that your companion feels comfortable. Smile when and nod when they are speaking about something interesting instead of looking monotonous.


Maintain eye contact

Maintaining eye contact shows that you are attentive and encourage the participants to continue with their message. If you are doing a presentation you should make eye contact with your audience. It builds a connection with the persons you are interacting with. Your spouse will feel valued and comfortable when you maintain eye contact when the speak to you. In general, people appreciate eye contact.


Think before you speak

Most of the time we communicate spontaneously and we just say what is on our mind. This can create misunderstanding and use of incorrect terminologies. It is best to pause and gather your thoughts. During these pauses think about what you want to say and then communicate it clearly to your listeners. This is a good habit to practice if you want to improve your communication skills.


Remove distractions

Any form of distraction such as noise should be removed when you are speaking with someone, especially if you have control over it. Talking to someone with headphones in your ears can be perceived as disrespectful. You can miss important messages if you are distracted by your phone or other technological devices. Turn off your phone and start listening to your children when they want to talk with you. Give the people you are communicating with your undivided attention.


Adjust to the needs of your audience

If you are doing a public presentation then you will need to project your voice so that your listeners can hear you. You have to know your audience so that you can communicate with them effectively. Use simple words and sentences if your audience consists of toddlers. Be animated so that you can keep their attention. Study your audience and try to fulfill their communication needs.


Articulate very well

The most influential speakers in the world are very articulate. Articulation is very important because it helps people to understand your message. Your listeners are captivated when you are articulate and are forced to listen to your message. Good articulation makes the communication process smooth and effective. An audience will receive your message because it is clear and understandable.



Some people don’t like small talk but when you socialize with others you improve your communication skills. You can talk to a random stranger and learn basic conversation principles. When you socialize you gain knowledge and different perspectives. Socializing helps you to practice expressing yourself spontaneously. The more you practice the more your communication will improve.


Wrapping up

Improving your communication skills just requires practice. If you find that you have difficulty communicating and getting your message to your audience then maybe these tips can help you. Be an active listener and try to make eye contact.


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