8 Ways To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

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LinkedIn is a professional portfolio that you can use to market yourself. A great LinkedIn profile will make you stand out and increase employment opportunities for you. A professional picture and summary of experiences can make your profile stand out. It is a platform where you can build a network and market your skills. It is free and can be used by anyone. You have control over how you can market yourself. Do you have LinkedIn? Do you want to make your profile stand out?

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What makes a good LinkedIn profile?

A good LinkedIn profile is clear and appealing with the use of pictures and words. A well-written summary and high-quality photos are the criteria for a good LinkedIn profile. Your audience and recruiter should be able to gather information about your work and who you are as a person. You should fill out all the relevant detail so nothing is missing and no one should ask any question after viewing your profile. There are many guidelines you can follow. This article will discuss some ways you can make your LinkedIn profile stand out.

How to make your LinkedIn profile stand out?

Use high-quality photo


You can increase your profile view with high-quality pictures. You can choose to make it professional. The profile picture is the first thing your audience will view. A picture can tell a thousand words. You have to ensure that it communicates who you are as a person. If you are a photographer then you need to show it in your photos on your profile. You will tell people about you by simply having a professional picture. People will get a glimpse of your personality and assume positive things until they view your entire profile.


Create an interesting summary


Everybody loves an interesting story. You can use stories to create a summary on your LinkedIn profile. It can be about how you became the manager of your company. Your story will draw people to your profile. They will get some insights about your character and your journey. If you have a remarkable story people will remember you.


Captivating Headline

Instead of writing a plain job title such as a writer, you need to make it more interesting. A statement that will encourage viewers to continue to read your profile. For example “Creative and award-winning writer at New York Times” is very memorable and compelling. Instead of using “Freelance writer” you make yourself more marketable with a creative headline.


Give descriptions of job duties

The descriptions of your job duty will tell your audience what you are capable of doing. It will show how industrious you are and the type of work ethics you have. If a recruiter is looking at your profile they will be able to see if you are the ideal candidate they are looking for using this information.


Add keywords


Adding keywords will help to make your profile more noticeable. It will increase traffic and allow recruiters to find you easily. Employers will use keywords such as job title when they are searching for applicants. You should list your job title as a keyword. You can also list your skills. Make sure all the important words that make your profile unique are listed as keywords.


Increase connections and endorsements

Endorsements can be in the form of recommendations. Recommendations will make you credible and trustworthy.  The more connections you have the more endorsements you can get for skills. Reach out to your colleagues and co- workers for endorsements. Increase connections will automatically introduce you to other connections and build your network. Add connections and meet other professionals outside and within your field.



Adding relevant media can also make your profile interesting. You can display your skill and talent to your audience. If you are a writer you can place the link for your website and articles you have written. Your work will make you trustworthy. It will provide evidence that you are skilled in your professional field. The documents that you add on your profile will make your audience take you seriously.


Use premium features

LinkedIn gives users have the option of promotion their profile with premium features. Using premium features will make you stand out among other users. The career features will move you to the top of recruiter’s applicant list. It also shows you how you are doing compared to other applicants. You can use this information to your advantage and improve your profile. You can use this feature freely for one month.

Wrapping up

LinkedIn is a professional platform that allows you to market your skill and connect. Most people use LinkedIn to hire and find jobs. You have competitors and in order to make your profile stand put you have to make it interesting. The use of high-quality pictures and interesting summaries will make your profile intriguing. You can also add keywords to increase traffic and make recruiters find you easily.

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