9 Great Ways To Reward Your Employees

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Why are employees important?

Employees are the most valuable resource in any organization or business. Without employees, a company cannot operate effectively. Employees give their service, time and skills. They also help an organization to succeed and accomplish their goal. A paycheck is not the only reward that you can give your employees to show appreciation. You can reward them in other ways too. You will be seen as a great boss when you reward your employees.

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9 ways to reward your employees


Personal thank you note


This a great way to show appreciation. Thank you notes are still meaningful today. Your employees will feel appreciated because their effort is recognized. It will also motivate them to continue to excel.


Employee of the year award

Apart from personal recognition, employees will appreciate being recognized by everyone for their hard work. Most companies use this method to motivate their employees to work hard and also recognize outstanding employees. You can place a picture on the notice board for the person who is the employee of the year.


Day off

You can give your employees day off for special circumstances such as birthdays. If an employee’s birthday fall on a work day then a day off would be the best birthday present.


Travel rewards

Most organization allow employees to participate in vacation leave. Travel reward will come in handy during this time. You can give your employees travel reward for outstanding work performance.


Buy the employees lunch

You don’t have to do this all the time but once a while. They say ” the way to a man’s heart  is through his stomach”. You will be appreciated for this act.


Celebration party

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” Throw a party for special occasions and allow your employees to relax. If your business has improved tremendously in sales, then celebrate with your employees and thank them for their hard work. After all, without your team, it could not be possible.



Email announcements

I suggested employee of the year award but sometimes employees will perform well weekly or monthly. You can send a group email congratulating that particular person. They will open the email and smile when they read it at work.


Provide training

The best way to reward an employee is to help them be the better. A professional workshop is one option. You can do this for loyal employees and give them an opening to advance their career. If they are entry level workers for ten years and you want them to promote them then train them.


Assess to benefits

The benefits will depend on the type of business or organization. For example, most airlines companies will offer their employees discounts on plane tickets. This method is a great way to show appreciation. Employees will feel honored to be a part of the organization.


Wrapping up

Employees are the greatest assets to any organization or business. Rewarding employees for hard work should not be difficult as there many ways to do this. Cherish your employees and show them that they are valued.


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