Cheap Home Decor Ideas: How To Decorate Your Living Room On A Budget

The living room is very important as you entertain guests and spend most of your time there. You can upgrade your living room and make it appear expensive on a low budget. Many cheap room décor ideas allow you to turn your home into a dream house, and your home will feel brand new when you update your living room with sophisticated touches.

Living room design on a budget can give you individuality. A makeover doesn’t have to be expensive, you can reuse items, spray them over and make them appear brand new. This transformation will be cost-effective, fun, and worthwhile. There are many simple home décors that you can make, such as pillows, coffee table, and flower vases. Get creative and minimize your spending on a makeover. Let us explore some cheap home décor ideas.

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Cheap home decor ideas: refresh your living room

Handmade crafts

Handmade crafts sold on the streets can bring vibrancy and color to your living room. If you travel, this will give you a great opportunity to purchase items made by locals. The items can be cheap but decorative and appealing.

You can purchase picture frames, baskets, souvenirs, and portraits. They will make your living room culturally diverse and unique. If you purchase a woven basket, you can store magazines there and place them on the coffee table. You can purchase paintings that will make your living room have an art gallery taste.


Spray paint

Furniture that has lost their elegance over time can be revived by spraying it over. It will make them look shiny and brand new. There is no need to buy a new piece of furniture that will cost more in comparison to spraying it over.

You can choose different colors to refresh your living room. It is easy to spray paint furniture. All you need to do is sand the surfaces and then prime them. Spraying door knobs in your living room is also another option. You can find metallic spray paint on Amazon for 7 dollars.


Visit a local thrift shop

A local thrift shop allows you to furnish your home on a low budget. You can find genuine vintage items. There are diverse styles that will suit every taste, and you will be able to find unique items for your living room. If you cannot find a thrift shop, a garage sale can be a substitute. You get used furniture at a low cost. They may be used, but second-hand furniture can help save the environment.


Make your own pillows

The sofa can be decorated with pillows. You can choose well-coordinated colors for your sofa. All you need are a woven placemat, hot glue gun, and sponge fillings. Fold the placemat in half and glue both sides with the hot glue gun. Then start filling it with the sponge of your choice. Next, hot glue the other side, and there you have it, a pillow. You can even just buy a pillow cover and embellish your sofa. If you are good at embroidery, then put that skill to use and make your pillowcase more appealing.


Paint the walls

When it comes to interior design, the wall is the most important aspect. Painting the walls in your living room can work magic. This can renew your living room and give it an updated look. Choose modern or bright colors depending on your taste. Avoid poor-quality paints that require more than one coating because you will spend more if this is the case. More coating requires more paint.


Decorate wall with pictures frames

The living room wall can be decorated with family portraits. You can frame important moments of each family member and hang them on the wall. It will tell stories to visitors and give your living room a cozy feeling.

You can play around and hang frames the way you want them. This can be horizontal, vertical, and aligned; it all depends on you. Don’t put too few or too many in one area. Frames can be purchased from the dollar store or your favorite thrift shop. You can remove the photos the frame came with and add your own. You can print some of your favorite inspirational quotes, place them in the frame, and decorate your wall.


Design flower vase

You can purchase your own flower vases and artificial flowers. If you have an old pot, use it to make a flower vase, and don’t spend any additional money. Choose a color scheme that will go well with your furniture.

You can fill the vase with clear gems to give an undulating appearance. You insert your artificial flowers into the vase, and there you have a homemade flower vase to put on the coffee table or wherever you want it. Artificial flowers last longer than natural flowers, and they are cheaper.


Color Code Book Shelf

A simple organization can refresh your living room. You can arrange books according to colors. This look will make your living room organized and attractive. You can think of the colors of the rainbow and then organize each book according to its colors. New guests will remark on how beautiful your bookshelf looks.


Re-organize the furniture

Sometimes the arrangement can make a difference. You don’t have to spend any money when you can simply rearrange the furniture in your living room. You can make the best asset in your living room the focus just by arranging it differently. Reorganizing furniture in your living room will refresh it and give it a new style.


Make your coffee table

A coffee table can be handmade and adorn your living room. If you are not a good carpenter, you can ask a professional carpenter to make a coffee table. However, it is recommended that you make it to save and have fun. The thrift store is your best friend.  Decorating on a budget requires creativity and thinking outside the box.

Wrapping it up

Owning a house is very expensive, and sometimes you just don’t have the resources to hire an interior designer. You don’t have to hire an interior designer, be your own interior designer.

Creating items such as pillowcases and coffee tables will make your living room unique and beautiful. You can purchase items at thrift shops and garage sales. These options can make your living room elegant and modern without an interior designer.




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