How To Dress For A Job Interview?

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An interview can be intimidating because you only have one chance to prove you are the perfect candidate for a job. Self-confidence is important if you want to do well in an interview. Dressing for the job interview contributes to your success as well. It is highly recommended that you dress professionally for job interviews. The dress code can also depend on the organization’s culture, position and the type of interview. If you have an interview for the post of a financial advisor then you would go for a business attire. If you have an interview for a Fashion Designer vacancy then a less formal attire would be more appropriate.

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How to dress for a job interview?



In your wardrobe, you should have at least a pants or skirt suit. The skirt should be knee length and not too tight. The same rule applies to the pants as well. A nice blouse can be coordinated with the skirt or pants.You can finish the look with a blazer jacket. You can be creative and even wear a shawl. For men, suits are usually bought both pants and shirt, therefore, it should be easy to find something in the wardrobe.


Wear conservative colors


Dark colors such as black, blue, white, gray and brown are appropriate colors for interviews Bright colors such as orange and red should be avoided. The conservative colors are very safe and professional. You don’t want to ruin the interview by dressing inappropriately. Remember it is better to be safe than sorry.




For women, closed shoes are ideal. It could be high or low heels. Whatever you are comfortable with but slippers are not recommended for interviews. You can wear close-up flats if you are not comfortable with heels. For men closed up black or brown shoes can be worn at job interviews.



Pull back ponytails or low bun are conservative hairstyles that you can wear. It will show your features and it is easier to manage when compared to loose hair. If you want to wear your hair loose, a simple curl style will do the job. For men, a neat haircut is ideal and remember to remove facial hairs. If you wear a beard, make sure that it is neat.




Since it is advisable that you go with conservative colors then your to handbag, purse, and briefcase should match. Black can be worn with any color so if you have a black purse or briefcase then it should work. If you have other colors then as long as it is conservative and not bright it should work.



Watches are ideal for an interview. It will make your interview attire complete. You can also consider simple chains or a watch for professional interviews. Make sure you go light with your accessories and jewelry. It should not be shiny and fashionable.



Wrapping it up

The key to dressing for an interview is to keep it simple. Each company has different rules the best way to avoid problems is to keep your dress code simple and conservative.You can be creative  but keep it professional and minimal.




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