How to find jobs in Jamaica

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Looking for a job in Jamaica is quite similar to how you would search for work in any country or city in the world. Firstly, having a very thorough knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses will go a long way in landing a job as soon as possible. If you are looking for jobs in the wrong places or where your skills don’t matter, it is difficult to get employed, even if you search for weeks or months.

Instead, simplify the process of finding jobs in Jamaica by using job websites that are specific to the country. Being a rich and tourist-friendly country, located by the Caribbean Sea, it is no wonder lots of jobs can be related to the hospitality industry. The most popular ones are usually related to the tourism industry, hotels, restaurants, shops, and other business spots.

There are also plenty of job opportunities available in offices and corporate entities. The official language of Jamaica is English which makes it much easier to scout for work, especially if you are fluent in the language.

Start by Creating an Impressive Resume

The resume or Curriculum Vitae that you create should be impressive in terms of design and presentation. If you are fluent in English, you can do it yourself or seek help from someone who can help use the right kind of words in your resume. An impressive CV will ensure you can easily impress your prospective employers and secure the job, even if the competition level is pretty high.

An application letter or a cover letter is also helpful, which will let anyone reading it will instantly know your best skills, the kind of job you are looking for and your passion towards the industry. Create a resume and cover letter with the best skills which can later be altered to match the specific job requirements when you go for an interview.

Most Popular Job Portals in Jamaica to Search for Jobs

Before you immediately jump into the world of internet and search for jobs, take a glance through the local newspaper. While many openings have moved to the web, there are still lots of long-term job offers being advertised in the classified section.

The popular newspapers that you should check out are The Sunday Jamaica Gleaner and the Sunday Jamaica Observer.

Individual Job Portals in Jamaica

Jamaican Medium Jobs– You can’t go wrong with this one because the website is known for being one of the most active portals around. Start by creating a profile, upload your resume and apply for relevant jobs so that employers could get in touch with you. Jamaicans use it regularly to find jobs and whether you are new to the country or looking for a permanent job, there is always something offered on the website.It also lists all corporate events and different work that is being offered there which both locals and temporary visitors can make use of.

Employers can search for relevant resumes and contact the users based on their requirement.

Learn4Good – The difference is that this website focuses on job roles for people from every background. Whether you have completed high school, have just a course certificate or a graduate, it doesn’t matter here. There are job openings listed for people with every education background and skillset.

Jobsmart – A popular solution, Jobsmart makes your job search easier by providing you an advanced search functionality that you can make use of. The website allows you to search using a specific category. It is a feature also available in other portals, but Jobsmart is much more proactive. It delivers special articles on how to find jobs in Jamaica for different job roles, special advice and career development pathways.

Jamaica Jobs Online – Make use of the right keywords and you will be able to find something relevant to you in this website. The Facebook page provides regular updates on newly posted requirements and it is one of the happening portals to find jobs.

Find the Best Jobs in Jamaica and Enhance Your Career

Most people who are not native residents of Jamaica will prefer hospitality jobs where they can travel, visit different places and get an international job experience that will add up to their resume. Your question on how to find jobs in Jamaica can be easily answered with so many job portals.

If you are residing in the country of Jamaica for years, you can also try government jobs based on your citizenship. Locals can always search for jobs in BPOs, call centers, retail industry, accounting and banking based on their educational qualification. It’s all based on individual interest and the way a person likes to build their career graph in the lush, beautiful country located by the Caribbean Sea.


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