How to organize your purse when you have several items that you want to take everywhere? An organized purse is hard to maintain but it is possible. Buying purses with organization pockets can help to bring order to a woman’s life. Purses with compartments are the best purse to stay organized. If you are a neat person then you care about organize purse. This article will look at some purse organization tips.

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How to organize your purse?

Buy purses with compartments

Whenever you are purchasing a purse consider buying one with compartments. This will help you to store your items in an organized manner. Assign items you have to a specific compartment.


Purse organizer

If you do not have a purse that has compartments then you can buy a purse organizer. This will be a great way to keep your items organized. You can find purse organizers on Amazon from $9- $20.


Small pouches

Use small pouches to store items. You can use more than one and label it for different things that you need. You can use one for makeup and another for cards. It will make it easier for you to find things when you need them. Small pouches will help you to change purses easily.


Use clear containers

A clear container will make it easier for you find things in your purse. You won’t be confused if you forget which container contains a particular item.


Don’t collect things you don’t need

Don’t fill your purse with things you don’t need. The extra ketchup, salt, and sugar that you get at the café are really not needed. You will make your purse cluttered and disorganized when you store it with unnecessary items.


Clean your purse once per week

Declutter your purse once per week and get rid of items that you don’t need. If you find it difficult to refrain from collecting things you do not need then declutter your purse. The expired receipt and chewing gum wrapper paper should be thrown away since they have no use.

How to organize your purse

Use empty bottle

You are probably wondering why you need an empty bottle? An empty bottle can be used to store trash such as gum wrapper and receipts. You can store a small one in your purse and empty it when you are home.


Use a wallet

Use a wallet to store your credit cards and receipts instead of stashing them in your purse.


Place what you use often within reach

Things such as your key and wallet should be placed on top. This will prevent you from throwing everything outside your bag just to find your items. You can simply pick them up from the top and use them when necessary. This will save time.


Put your phone to use

If you can store items on your phone then do so instead of storing them in your purse. The discount voucher and notebook can be used on your cell phone. This will create more room for storage.


Wrapping up

Buying purses with compartment and purse organizer will make your life easier. Declutter often and reduce collecting things you don’t need.


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