Imagine A Day Without A Smartphone

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A day without a phone isn’t so bad. You will be forced to interact with people around you. Yes, you wouldn’t be able to access your social media but it is just for one day. The random annoying notification every hour will not disrupt the deep conversation you are having with friends and family. Some people might think that it is hard at first because our phones serve as the primary means of communication. They might think that they cannot survive. Others will feel awkward. For others like me, it wouldn’t be so bad after all.

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Your day will be more productive

You will have a more productive day if you forget about your phone. The cell phone is a distraction. It is banned in some workplaces because employers want their employees to be productive. They want employees to focus on their tasks and complete them quickly. Instead of checking their phones every ten minutes they complete assigned tasks daily. The phone is a distraction that hinders productivity.

You connect with people around you

You are forced to talk to the people around you and be entertained. We are social beings and we mostly use our phones to socialize and catch up with friends and family. We need relationships to survive. Relationships in the form of friendship and family are very important. This is the primary reason social media is very powerful because people are seeking companionship and they try to meet different people all over the world. People tend to feel alone and their smartphone is a form of companionship. We even tend to neglect the physical people around us for our phones. Instead of snapping your dinner date you should really focus on enjoying the person’s company. You will listen to what they say instead of checking how many likes you have on the picture you just posted and replying to comments. You will be really connected to humanity.

You would enjoy being alone

There is no need to remain in contact with people in your social circle. You need time to be alone and take a break. Take a break and enjoy something you have a passion for. It could be reading that book you always wanted to read. Once you are engaged in the activity you select you won’t even miss your smartphone. You will be immersed in the activity and really find joy. Think about it. Do you really find scrolling through your phone to be extremely fun?

It would be hard to adjust

For some people, it would be hard and there will be a constant urge to check their phone. They will be wondering if they have a missed call or a message from their friends. If you plan to go a day without your phone then you should inform your close friends and family about it. This will prevent everyone from panicking when their messages go unanswered. You will still feel anxious because you are addicted but once you get through one day it is possible to get through the others. You will survive.

Wrapping up

Some people still believe that a smartphone is a necessity and it would be hard to go a day without it. Before smartphones were invented people still had a fulfilling life. People were more connected to humanity and appreciative of a person’s physical presence. Smartphone has made communication easier and provides undeniable benefits. We just have to make sure that it doesn’t take over our lives completely. Going without your smartphones for several hours or even a day will do no harm.



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