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When To Introduce Your Kids To Gadgets?


The job of parenting is not a one size fits all. There is no specific time to introduce your kids to technology. You will decide when you want to expose your child to technology. This is very important because employees are seeking tech-savvy individuals in the workplace.

The ability to use technology is also important in education. Parents tend to give their children their first cell phones when they start traveling to school. They can no longer drop their kids at school because of certain circumstances, and they feel more comfortable when their kids have a mobile device.

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Age is a factor that one should consider when introducing a kid to technology. Will your kids appreciate it? Are they responsible enough to take care of it? Experts believe that parents should wait until their children reach at least three.  Most pre-schools have recognized this, and they have introduced computer classes into their curriculum.

Types of Gadgets you can introduce


There are different types of gadgets that you can introduce to your kids, and most can serve as a learning tool. The kids can play many educational games on laptops and make learning fun and interactive. As they grow older, they will need to know how to use Microsoft applications for school projects and assignments, so it is a good idea to teach your kids how to use these applications.

GPS watch

Reports of missing children can be heart-wrenching. The best way to face a situation is to prepare for it. A GPS watch can assist with locating your child if they get lost. You can monitor them while they are away from you. Most GPS watches can function as mobile. If you are not comfortable with buying a cell phone for your child, then you can consider a GPS watch.


You can introduce your child to smartphones when they are becoming independent. This is usually in high school. They can update you once they are on the road and if there is any emergency, they can reach out to an adult. You can get affordable smartphones without having to break the bank.

Video games

During the summer break, your child will need something to occupy their time. Video games can eradicate boredom and prevent your child from engaging in dangerous activities. Playing video games can be done indoors, which is usually safe.


When is the best time?

Introducing your kids to technology will help with brain development. It is an activity that they are learning. Remember that at a young age, they are learning and trying to make sense of the world around them.

Today’s generation is born in a digital era, so we cannot hide or try not to expose them because we believe they are too young. As soon as they start talking, you can have a conversation with them and introduce them to technology.

It is good to expose your children to technology as early as possible. They are going to be exposed even if you don’t do it. Technology is highly recommended in schools, and many teachers have adopted it.

You want to prepare your child early by teaching them how to use a computer and prevent them from getting a culture shock. They will come home and ask about the computers that they use in school. It is now the norm to be tech-savvy. The earlier they are introduced, the better it will be for them.

Experts have recommended that kids be introduced to gadgets at the age of three. Technology makes learning easier and more efficient. They are smart enough to manipulate a mouse. Do not underestimate them because they are young. You will be surprised when they are able to use it even better than you.

We are aware of the disadvantages of technology, but balance is key. You should train your child and teach them how to use gadgets in moderation. They should not spend the entire day playing video games. Give them guidelines and make sure that they abide by them. For example, you can only spend two hours on the computer. After that, they should give the computer a break. If you train them at this early age, you may not have to worry about them being addicted to technology.

Wrapping up

The best time to introduce your kids to technology will vary from parent to parent. It could be as soon as they start talking. They have been the center of their parent’s camera phones for pictures and videos. Naturally, they will become curious about these devices.

As soon as they start talking, they should be able to understand and appreciate gadgets such as tablets and computers. Experts believe that children should be exposed around the age of three. This is usually when they start pre-school. Most pre-schools have computer classes that aid kids’ learning and development.


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