The New Nokia 3310 Could Be A Great Phone For Kids

If you are looking for a smartphone that will not break your budget then you should consider the New Nokia 3310. The best feature is the long battery life and we know that kids use their phone 24/7.

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Okay, I may be exaggerating there, but kids are always on their phones so you need a phone that has a strong battery life. The Nokia 3310 will last 31 days on standby. A single charge will allow 22 hours of talk time.

The newer smartphones cannot last for even two days after a single charge. Multiple applications that are running drain the battery life. Your kid will not charge their phone every single day. Also, when you are ready to go out you don’t have to wait until your kid’s phone is fully charged before you leave the house.

In addition, they cannot complain about their battery dying on the road when you tried to contact them but were unsuccessful. Your kids will not worry about their battery dying when they leave the house. In the event of an emergency, they can contact you right away.

There are other features that the kids will enjoy on this phone. These include cameras, radios, MP3 players, games, 16 MG storage and Micro SD slot. The cost of the phone will be approximately 49 Euros. This is a simple phone that you can gift your kids so that they can stay in touch with you.

If you are a choosing a mobile for your kids you need to select one that is kid-friendly and the Nokia 3310 is ideal. It is easy to use and will come in handy in case of emergency. Some people are not a fan of this new model because it not trendy like Samsung and iPhones. This is good because your child is less likely to worry about being robbed.

The Nokia 3310 is a good first phone a kid can have before owning a high-end phone.

Today’s generation is not aware of such features because the models today are very different. Nokia is trying to bring back the handheld device that was once loved into the market. With the upgraded features, kids will appreciate this unique cell phone.


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