Online dating: Yes or No?

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Online dating is not traditional but is a method people use when they are seeking a partner. Some people prefer to meet someone and fall in love as told in many love stories. This would be the traditional style. Some people are shy and online dating would be the best option for them. Online dating is shunned because one may appear desperate and it can turn to be a tragedy. There are many pros and cons.

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It is easy

You simply register and you can find a potential partner. You don’t have to wait to meet your prince charming/princess in person. You can sign up and meet people who are looking for a serious relationship. People tend to shy away from online dating because it seems rushed and easy. It is okay to meet your husband and wife online. Technology has made it possible to fall in love over the internet.


You can select who you want

You will have a pool of potential partners that you can select. You can approach the person and see if they are interested in dating you. If they are interested then you try and get to know them before initiating the first date.



Some online dating sites are free and anyone can join. You can meet people from different countries or within your country. You have to a large database to choose from.



You can view a profile and determine if a potential partner fits your criteria. You can view their height, favourite hobbies, occupation, religion, and ethnicity. During the first stage of dating, you have to go through a pre-screening before you determine if one is compatible. The online dating website will allow you to quickly screen out people.


Rejection is less severe

You can endure the rejection online when compared to doing it in person. The person will not see your reaction and you can grieve in peace. if you are a shy person then you will be more comfortable with approaching someone online.



You can’t detect honesty

You have to accept the information given and you cannot tell if the information is true. People make create fake profiles and lie about personal information. This is one of the reasons some people will stay away from online dating. A lady shared a personal story on YouTube about a guy she was interested.He lied about his height and relationship status. She found out that he was shorter and he was not single when she met him in person.



You will have completion especially if you are using a popular online dating website. There will be other pretty girls and handsome men on the site as well. You have to compete with others so make sure you present the best version of yourself. Post the best pictures but try to remain authentic so that you attract people who like you for you. Be yourself and don’t pretend because you want to be better than your competitors.


It may not be safe

You have to be very careful. Approach online dating with caution. It can be fun to meet the perfect guy but remember that the person could be an imposter. If you plan to meet someone you met online then tell your friends and family about the person. You should also meet in a public area and give your family and friend the location. In case something happens they can give a report to the police.


Wrapping up

Online dating is easy and convenient. This is a method that people may resort to when they have several failed relationships. Online dating is risky however, there are couples that met online and received their happy ending.


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