Step By Step: How To Make A Resume

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A good resume determines whether you land an interview with a potential employer. Creating a good resume is very important, you will need to spend some time to make it professional convincing and clear. You should list essential details on why you are the best candidate for the job you are interested in. Most employers get hundreds of resume, it is your job to be outstanding. Make it attractive so the employer will read it to the end. Let us look at how to produce a winning resume.
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Step by step: How to make a resume



Every resume you send has to be unique for a particular job unless you are writing a general resume. When you identify the job you are interested in, you need to research the company. Go on their website and get an idea of what is their goal and objective. See how your skills can accomplish this mission.


Step 2

After you have gathered your information, you begin writing the resume. The first thing you need to add is your contact information. This includes your name, address, email and contact number. Some people put it at the top and highlight their name. Do not add colors and be stylish as you want it to be professional.


Step 3

The objective is the next heading on the resume. It is a short description of your professional goals and what you have accomplished. If you are a recent graduate with no experience you can state your skills and what you are looking for. For example:

A recent journalism graduate who has a zeal for writing. I am seeking a rewarding position where I can utilize my technical writing skills and contribute positively in the media world.

Short but yet simple.


Step 4

A list of your qualification in chronological order starting with the most recent to the least recent. This should be under the heading qualifications or education. In order to stand a good chance of being selected for an interview, you may list certificate and short courses that may be related to the job you are interested in.

how to make a resume

Step 5

The next heading is work experiences. In this section, you list all the work experiences and describe your role and responsibilities. If you don’t have any work experiences, you can list internships, leadership roles that you had. You can also list voluntary service that you have done in the past.


Step 6

The next section is about awards that you have received. This section is important because it shows that you are hardworking and you can add value to the company or organization that you are interested in. You list all the awards that are relevant. For example, if you were given an award for the best entertainment journalist and you are applying for an editorial position. This award will give you an edge and make your resume stand out.

how to make a resume

Step 7

You need to be well rounded if you want to grow professionally. Be a member of professional organizations and clubs. You can list them on your resume under Curriculum activities. It shows potential employers that you can balance your time and you have a genuine interest in the field you are in. If you are a member of the journalism association then list it.


Step 8

References are the icing on the cake. They can give proof that you are capable and employable. Make sure you don’t just have a physical resume but your work ethics is also your resume. Create it in any environment you find yourself in so when you asked somebody to write a recommendation, they will gladly write a strong recommendation for you. Some employers will request a letter instead of just the name and contact information from the referee. On your resume, you should list at least two references but be prepared to contact them at any time for a letter.


Wrapping it up

The final step is to proofread your resume so that it is free of errors. Since you follow the steps above you should have a good resume that can help you to get an interview. This is how you make a resume.

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