Tips On How To Choose A College Major

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Some people have their life figured out and the profession they are interested in. Some people on the other are indecisive after they finished high school and it is time to go to college. Choosing a college major is quite difficult especially when you have not figured out your true calling in life. It is important that you do proper research before choosing a major in college. Before picking a college major ask someone who has done it before so you can get good advice. Explore the job market in your country before choosing a major. This article will look at the tips on how to choose a college major.

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How to choose a college major?

Select a major that aligns with your interest

Do not rush and select a major because you just want a degree. The major you select will affect your future. You may spend more time in school if you do not select the right major. People have regretted the major they did because they realize it was not satisfying. It was not something that they enjoy doing. If you find that you do not enjoy your classes and you have no interest or enthusiasm. It is a sign that this is not the right major. You should consider changing it before it is too late.


Explore your talents

If you have a talent then it can help you to select a major that you will enjoy. If you are good at writing, you should consider a major that will nurture this talent. You could select English, Literature or Journalism. If you are good at dancing then maybe a dance major would be ideal. You should use this option if you are following your passion and not how much money you will earn. You will be happier when you select a major based on talents.


Reflect on your beliefs and core values

If you are choosing a major select one that reflects your beliefs and core values. If you are passionate about social justice and equality maybe a major in law, social work or political science would be good for you. Is getting a high pay job more important than your happiness? Some people will say yes and some will say no. The reason for this is base on their value system. The decision is in your hands.


Research the job market

After you have graduated within 4 years you want to secure a stable employment. Research the job market and see what skills are in demand and use this information to select a major. The job market has changed since the invention of technology. Employers are looking for tech savvy individuals. Previously this was not the case. Employees are replaced by advanced technology such as the computer. This had created a need for computer engineers and those who majored in computer science.


Talk to someone who majored in the area you are interested in

It is useful to talk to someone about a major you are interested in especially those who have done it. You get to know more about the courses, professors, requirements, and what you can do with the declared major. You need to know all the advantages and disadvantages before you invest your time and money into a major. Talking to a final year student studying a particular major will give you all the information.



Talk to professionals

Talk to professionals in the field you believe you are interested in. If it is possible you can do a job shadowing and get details of the job description and duties. This will help you to decide if you are choosing the right major. If you can talk to a professor about your interest. They will be able to guide you since they have more experience. They were once a student, therefore, you will get good advice from them.


Take beginners courses in your first year

Most colleges allow you to select a major in your sophomore year. If you are not sure what to major in you can take some courses and see which you have an interest in before declaring a major. The beauty of college is that you can start a new course of study that you have never done. However, you will be required to take perquisites before doing advanced courses.


Consider a double major

“Don’t leave all your eggs in one basket.” This simply means that you should always have a backup plan. Doing a double major is stressful but if you can manage the workload you should consider it. It will make you well- rounded and knowledgeable in two areas. This can impress potential employers. For example, if they interview a teacher who has study both education and accounting then this candidate will be useful in both the accounting department and the classroom. This candidate will be a keeper.



Wrapping up

Keep an open mind when you are selecting a major. Choose a major base on your interest and passion. In addition, you should also research the job market and speak to professionals before selecting a major.





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