Top 10 Best Interview Questions To Ask Applicants

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Interviewing applicants for a job or scholarship can be quite challenging. You need to select the best candidate for the job and interviews can help shed some light. In order to determine the best candidate, you need to ask great interview questions. You can get creative and stray from the normal questions that everyone asks in an interview. This will make the interview more interesting.The candidate’s answers to the questions will tell you if they are qualified and passionate about the position. This article will help you by sharing good interview questions to ask applicants. The best interview questions will help you to select the best applicants.

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Top interview questions

What do you know about our organization?

This question gauges whether your candidate is genuinely interested in the company or just randomly seeking employment. Interested candidates will do their research and have some background information to share with the interviewer. If the candidate gives good reports about an organization’s mission, culture, and achievements then this can explain the reason they want to be associated the organization. You can then proceed to other questions.


What is your dream job?

Everybody has a dream and a passion. You want to ensure that the candidate you select is passionate about the position and they will not disappoint you if selected. If you are not passionate about something it becomes a chore. Asking the candidate about their ideal job will give you some insights on the career path that he or she has chosen. You will also know if selecting the candidate is a good choice.


What motivates you?

An applicant will tell you that they are industrious and hardworking but what motivates them? What is the driving force? Why do they work hard and will continue to do so when they are selected. You need employees who are highly motivated and will go the extra miles to accomplish their tasks daily. Highly motivated candidates are usually the best workers.


What is an ideal work environment?

Sometimes the Human Resource Manager makes mistakes when they select a candidate who is not fit for the work environment. The work environment is very important as it affects an employee’s performance. If a candidate likes a slow pace environment but you are interviewing them for a fast pace environment then there will be a problem. Asking the candidate to describe their ideal work environment will minimize this problem.

best interview questions

Where do you see yourself in five years?

If you want to determine if the candidate is seeking a long term employment then this question can be used. You can also see if the applicant is ambitious and is willing to move up the career ladder if selected. You need to hire long term applicants because it is cost effective and less time consuming. As the interviewer, you don’t want to select an applicant and then 6 months later you have to search for a new Project Manager. It hinders or disturbs your organization’s process.


Why should we select you?

This question gives the candidate an opportunity to convince you that they are the best person for the position. The answer to the question will show how the candidate can add value to the organization if selected. The answer will also tell you why they are the best applicants in comparison to the others.


How do you resolve conflicts and handle a stressful situation?

As an interviewer, you want to know if the candidate is emotionally stable to handle a position. If a conflict occurs will they resolve it professionally? Can they uphold standard and principles when the are faced with challenges? You need a candidate to always reflect a positive image during difficult situations. For example, as a Customer Service Representative, you need to be able to handle irritated customers. You have to remain calm and professional even when customers are cursing you. This questions will give some information on the candidate’s personal traits and determine if they are fit for your organization.


What is your greatest professional achievement?

This question gives you an opportunity to know about successful tasks that the applicant has done. This may not be listed on the resume and it helps to show that the candidate is capable of performing very well. This question will reinforce that they are committed to personal growth and achieving great things.


Do you have any conflict of interest?

Sometimes there are conflicts of interest when individuals are employed within an organization. This could include religion, values, personal or business obligations. The best way to resolve this issue is in an interview. Don’t wait until it is late to find out that there are issues interfering with the applicant’s commitment to the position. Verify this in the interview.


Why do you want to work here?

This final question helps to determine where the candidates’ priority lies whether they have a genuine interest or not. Is the applicant seeking the job because they want pay check? What about your company that is enticing? The question is simple and it determines if the applicant shares similar philosophies as the organization. Here are two answers to the question:

Applicant a: I really need a job at the moment.

Applicant b: I am very passionate about helping members of volatile communities and your organization will provide the platform to do so.

Both applicants want to work at your organization but applicant b seems to be genuinely interested in the position that he or she is seeking.


Wrapping up

These are the top ten interview questions to ask applicants. They will help you to select the best candidate after the interview is over. All these questions elicit information that is vital to the decision process. Information such as genuine interest, capabilities, and commitment to the position.

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