Top 10 Online Business Tools For Entreprenuers

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To be successful as an entrepreneur, there are online tools that can help you. Entrepreneur tools are efficient and will make tasks simpler. In this digital world, internet marketing tools will help your business to grow and attract new clients. Marketing correlates with business success. Therefore, selecting good marketing tools will have a positive impact on your business.

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Top Best Online Business Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Use

Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant can take on administrative tasks while you are away from the office. They can communicate with customers and make sales calls on your behalf. You can save on office space by hiring a virtual assistant. They work from home according to an agreed schedule. They can do tasks including bookkeeping, emails, data entry, and social media management. You can hire a temporary virtual assistant on, People per Hour, and Fiverr.


Google Analytics


Google Analytics is helpful for bloggers. It is used for marketing purposes as it provides statistics and an essential analytical tool for search engine optimization. It tracks and reports website traffic. As long as you have a google account, you can access Google Analytics. You can gather information on where your viewers are from and how they found your website. What keywords did they use? On your dashboard, you can see the number of visitors in real-time.


Dropbox is another tool that will make entrepreneurs’ lives easier. When you create a dropbox account, you can access a lot of benefits. Files are safe, and they can be retrieved anywhere once you have access to your Dropbox account. You can share files with employees, and they can view them and edit and then send them back to you.

Google drive


Like Dropbox, Google Drive backup large files, videos, and photos, you can store all your files securely online. You can synchronize files and access them on any device once you sign in to your Gmail email. If you travel, you can work on files away from the work office. You can share files in real-time with co-workers and discuss the project.


Email marketing is a cheap marketing strategy that small businesses can use to promote their brand. New companies can access a plan for free if they have subscribers who are potential clients. You send them emails about new services and products. You can send emails to up to 2000 subscribers for free. After your subscription is over, you will have to pay a small fee. You can design your email template to fit your brand. This tool will also tell how many receivers opened the emails. If they respond, you can give a generated response. Ever wonder why when you apply for a job, there is a generated response thanking you for applying to the company? This is how email marketing works, and every business should make use of such a tool.



Social media management is more straightforward with tools such as Hootsuite. You can schedule social media posts in advance and reply to customers’ comments on posts. You can manage different platforms at the same time. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus can enjoy the benefits of Hootsuite. You can also get information on how your followers interact with the posts that you shared. If you have a movie coming out and you post trailer movies, you can determine if your viewers respond positively.


Survey Monkey

Feedback is vital as it leads your business in the right direction. You can gather information on customer’s experiences and see what they are saying. With this information, you can develop strategies and see how you can create better experiences for your customers. Happy customers will allow a business to strive and be successful.



BuzzSumo is an essential tool for content analysis and marketing campaigns. You can see what topics related to your business are currently gaining the most attention. You can search for topics that are performing well and create something similar or even better. If you are a blogger, this tool will be beneficial to you. You can use to BuzzSumo to observe your competitors. If your competitors have viral content, you can see them. You can see the number of shares the content had on social media. You can view the article and see why it was successful and gain some insight into creating high-quality articles worth sharing.


Crazy Egg

This is a tool that will give information about visitors who viewed your site. You see what they like and what they do not like. It works as an x-ray, and you will see what exactly your visitors are doing. With this information, you can increase traffic to your blog. If you are involved in e-commerce, you can know which items are your best seller. Restock when necessary and get similar things to keep your customers happy.


Blog Topic Generator

If you own a website but run out of topics to write about, you can use a tool that will help you to find interesting blog topics. You will get suggestions on a topic when you type keywords in the search engine. You will no longer have difficulty creating a topic as a blogger. Some blog topic generators include HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator, Potent’s Content Idea Generator, and Link Bait Generator.


Wrapping up

There are online marketing tools that entrepreneurs should take advantage of because they are economical and make life easier. Online marketing tools will help to grow your business, and you can reap incredible rewards.

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