Top 10 Reasons To Dream Big

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“If your dream does not scare you, it is not big enough” Kristine K. Stephens.

Your dreams are valid so do not be afraid to set high standards for yourself. People who don’t dream place a limit on themselves. They don’t think they will never accomplish it because it seems impossible. This means that they lack confidence. Dreaming big requires a leap of faith. Dreaming big dreams is good because it excites you for the journey that you want to embark on. This article will look at how to dream big.

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Reasons to dream big

You find your identity

If you listen to your inner self you will find your true calling in life. You will discover who you are when you dream big. You are a singer, entrepreneur, teacher or a writer. People spend their lives trying to find themselves. People who pursue their dreams and listen to their inner voice are usually happy with who they became. Listen to your heart and follow your dream. Do not let anyone dissuade because you will miss out on the beautiful person you could be. People who never follow their dreams often regret it. I have never heard of anyone regretting following their dreams because it is their true calling.



Dreaming big will motivate you and give you direction. A dream is a goal that you will work towards. You will find the strength to do things you would never do. You will look at others who have done the impossible and be motivated as well. If they did not dream big and achieve what seem impossible who would you get motivation from?


You live meaningfully


If you compare those who don’t dream versus those who dream you will find that dreamers are happier. They have a zeal and a purpose. They are living for something that they believe in. You are excited and imagining what it would be like when you drive your dream car for the first time. Dreamers are busy working on their dreams and planning on how to achieve it. They live purposefully.


You do not place a limit on yourself

You are reaching for the galaxy when you dream big. It will boost your self-confidence when you dream the impossible. If someone said “I will start my own business in five years.” You will know that this person is a confident person. You admire their bravery and confidence. If you do not dream big you are limiting yourself. You are not realizing your full potential.


Develop discipline

“The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept were toiling upward through the night”- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Dreams will motivate you and force you to work hard. If you want to be the best basketball player or swimmer you train like a champion. You will be committed and follow the advice of your coach.

You can inspire people

If you dream big there is a high chance that you will achieve your dream. As a result, you will inspire people and make the world a better place. Think about who would look to up you when they realize that their dream is too big for them. If you do it then you will be helping someone in the future. Successful people will always talk about people who inspired them. Keep the cycle going by dreaming big.


It makes you successful

You will encounter failures and setbacks but they will make you stronger. However, you will rise again with new knowledge. You will overcome obstacles in order to achieve the impossible. That in itself is a feat the not everyone can do. Just by dreaming big, you are strong. It takes a lot of courage to even believe that you can do something that is not possible based on your current situation.


It gives you endless opportunities

On your journey, you will encounter opportunities that would not be possible if you did not have a dream. Your life would be different if you did not dream big. Opportunities will find you when you start your journey. Somebody will see your potential and provide a platform for you to pursue your dreams. Rhianna was performing at a concert when a producer saw her and presented her an opportunity get a record deal. When you dream big you go after your dream and opportunities will come your way.


You are more likely to become successful

If you heard the story of any successful person you are most like to hear that “This something that I always wanted to do.” Before they could be the top notch actress or model they dreamed about it. Dreaming is the first step you take when you want to be successful.


If you aim for the sun you can fall on the stars

My English teach always encouraged us to aim for the highest scores so that when we fall, we fall on something satisfactory. She would tell us to aim for an A on any test and if we don’t get it we may fall on a B. This simply means that the effort that you put in will not be wasted. You will be rewarded for something good. The creators of Instagram had many features in mind when they started Instagram. However, they realized that the users only wanted to post pictures. As a result, they canceled other features they wanted to use. Despite plans not going accordingly, Instagram is still successful today.


Wrapping up

Do not be afraid to dream big. It can become a reality once you put in the hard work. Follow your dreams and don’t regret it.


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