Top 10 Skills Employers Want In Graduates

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Knowing the skills employers want will help you to prepare for your dream job. Employers are looking for graduates who have skills that will help them to succeed in the workplace. They want candidates who will make outstanding contributions to their organization.  Being qualified is good but having certain job skills will make you more marketable. Employers are looking for workers with professional skills such as effective communication and leadership skills. These work skills are important if you want to move up the career ladder. This article will look at top skills employers look for in a candidate.

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Tops skills employers are looking for

Basic computer skills

In a modernized workplace, it is a good have basic computer skills. Most job advertisements will list proficiency in Microsoft office as a requirement. In most roles, you will be using the computer to save information, send emails, make power points, and troubleshoot simple computer errors. Basic computer skills will make your job easier.



Good teamwork can affect an organization’s productivity. You should be able to prove that you have good teamwork skill. Can you work under the instruction of a supervisor? Will you be able to pull your own weight as a member of the organization? Teamwork shows that you are able to develop good work relationship with your co-workers. An organized team that can corporate with each other will help the organization to maximize productivity.


Problem-solving and analytical skills

You may need to solve problems quickly without supervision. This shows that you can work independently and add value as a team member. The workplace will have challenges that you will need to overcome. If you are good at problem-solving then you can succeed in the workplace. Employers are looking for those who can succeed and overcome challenges with little supervision. If you are in an interview and you are given a scenario with a problem. You are asked how you would solve the problem? The interviewer is weighing your problem solving and analytical skill.


Effective Communications skills

This may seem like an insignificant skill but it is very important. It includes both verbal and nonverbal communication. Good communication skills are applicable to all position. Managers have to clearly communicate organization goals to employers so that they can do their individual task properly. If sales representatives want to get sales they have to use good communication skill. This includes the use of persuasive language. Social Media Managers have to be adept in their written communication skills in order to communicate effectively with the public.


Critical thinking

Employers are looking for innovators and those who can transform the workplace. You can do this through critical thinking. This skill will play an important role when you have to make decisions for the organization. In business meetings, you will need critical thinking skills to negotiate business deals. You need to have the ability to think logically and analyse different perspectives in order to make the best decision. It shows whether you have the capabilities to succeed in a given role. An interviewer may test candidate for critical thinking skills.


Leadership skills

Employers seek good leadership skills in prospective candidates.  If an employer is hiring you for a leadership role then it would be very important to have leadership skills. You will need to inspire and motivate employees you supervise. Only effective leadership will allow an organization to accomplish their define goals and objective. Managers and entrepreneurs spend quality time to sharpen their leadership skills. They will train their supervisor and vice president as well. It is good to take on leadership roles while you are in college so that you can prove that you have the ability to lead. You should join clubs and societies and take on leadership roles.


Planning and organizational skills

Employers admire employees who have the ability to get assignments done within a stipulated deadline. Good planning and organizational skill will help you to get your job done quickly. You have to schedule and manage your time. For many roles, you will have to multitask and get plenty tasks done. If you do not manage your time effectively you may fall behind.



Not everyone can adapt to a new environment and a new role. Employers seek candidates who have the ability to adapt to changing working conditions. In a fast paced industry, you will encounter abrupt changes to schedule and plans. You will have to stay calm, work with the changes and keep an open mind. If you are applying for a position that is different from your previous employment then adaptability will be a good mechanism to use. This skill will be essential in a new role if you are hired.



This is a personal skill that employers regard highly. Employees are exposed to confidential information in certain positions such as customer service representative, doctors, and counsellors. If employees use information inappropriately then it can be detrimental to a company’s reputation. Employers are looking for individual who are trustworthy, have good morals and ethics. Interviewers will ask candidates for references in order to prove that they are worthy of prominent positions.


Commitment to excellence

This skill shows your ability to perform well in any given position. Employers are looking for employees who will succeed in any role that they take on. This means that employers can depend on you to do a great job unsupervised. Employees committed to excellence have solid work ethics and a drive to succeed. They will make positive contributions to the company they join. Do not be afraid to show potential employers your passion and drive to succeed.


Wrapping up

Skills employers seek are those that will help you to succeed in a given role. You can develop top skills employers seek through experience and training. If you don’t have all you can learn them and increase your chance of getting the job.



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