Top 10 Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel

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Are you thinking about promoting your YouTube channel? Promoting YouTube channel requires consistent effort and dedication. Once you upload quality contents your channel will automatically grow. People will subscribe and watch your amazing videos. Your subscribers will play a major role in promoting your YouTube channel. Remind them to share your videos with their friends and on social platforms. Remember to upload interesting videos that people will want to share. This article will look at 10 ways to promote your YouTube channel.

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How to promote your YouTube channel

Collaborate with other YouTubers

Collaborate with other YouTubers in your niche can help you to grow your channel. Subscribers who are interested in the type of videos you make will subscribe to your channel. Be friends with other You tubers so that it will be easy to collaborate with them. Do not just try to use them for promotion but try to create genuine friendships. It is good to have friends who share the similar interest as you. You can go to YouTube conferences and meet other YouTubers within and outside of your niche.


Create quality contents

Creating quality content will make your YouTube channel successful. You have to create content that people will watch. People are fascinated with funny videos and how to do something such as makeup. Try to be unique among other YouTubers in your niche. Why should people watch your videos? What do you do that other YouTubers cannot do. Creating quality contents is extremely important.


Remind your subscribers to share your videos

It doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have, you should encourage them to share your videos. Try to emphasize this in every video you upload. Naturally, your subscribers will share your video provided that they like it. This is why you should create quality contents as noted previously.


Use YouTube hashtags

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter use a hashtag to make pictures or videos easy to find. People can type in a hashtag in the search bar and find what they are looking for. YouTube hashtags work in a similar way. YouTube hashtags help the public to find your videos. It is a simple yet effective way to promote your videos and hence grow your channel.


Participate in tag videos

Participating in tag videos is another effective way to promote your YouTube channel. The song lyrics prank was a very popular tag that exposed many YouTubers. YouTubers who participated in the song lyric pranks saw an increase in subscribers and views. The person who developed the idea also gained more subscribers as well. Other tag videos include the boyfriend tag, Haul, Get ready with me, My everyday routine, Funny challenges, and Storytime.


Create a blog

Creating a blog is a great way to build your audience. You can link your channel on the blog and encourage people to check it out. Creating a blog bring awareness about your YouTube channel.  You can create a blog for free on WordPress and start blogging right away. This is also a good way to reach people who do not use YouTube regularly.


Use social media

Utilize social media to promote your channel. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, and Snapchat are effective tools that you can use to promote your channel. Hopefully, your friends, acquaintances, and family will support you and help you to grow your YouTube channel. You can use your personal account or create a profile that is specific for your brand. If you are a makeup artist or fashion blogger then it is a good idea to create a different account that focuses on your brand.


Be a fan

Commenting on videos of other YouTubers is an effective marketing strategy that you can utilize. This will help the YouTuber and subscribers to notice you. Once they notice you they may visit your channel. Make sure you leave genuine comments that add value to the person’s channel. Do not bombard the person about checking out your channel. Show genuine support and give constructive feedback. Give in order to receive.


Attractive title

Whenever you create a video think of a title that will prompt people to watch your videos. An attractive title will encourage people to watch your videos and visit your YouTube channel. It should not be too short or too long. Make sure you include a summary of what the video is about.


Engage with your subscribers

Interact with your subscribers on your YouTube channel. Try to reply to their comments so that they feel valued and appreciated. Do not focus on trying to get new subscribers but cherish the ones you have. Thank them for their support and show love. They will help you to grow and strongly support you. They will encourage people in their network to subscribe and share your videos.


Wrapping up

Promoting your YouTube channel can be done freely. You can share the videos on other networks such as your blog, and social media accounts. Creating interesting videos with content will help you to grow your YouTube channel. Promoting your YouTube channel requires your effort and dedication.


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