Top 15 Part Time Business Ideas

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A part-time business idea is an additional source of income that you can use for personal expenses. A part-time home-based business is ideal for people who work a 9-5. You can tap into your passion and create a successful business. Any skill you have can make a viable source of revenue. You can blog about something you are interested in, such as fashion, technology, and even natural hair care. Starting a part-time business requires commitment and dedication. There are many opportunities that you can use to create a part-time job. This article will look at 15 part-time business ideas.

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15 Part-Time Business Ideas

Freelance writing

Writing business proposals or content for a website is in high demand. Many websites allow you to market yourself and submit bids. You can create your website and build your brand as a freelance writer. Freelance writers can earn $10- $70 per hour. You can be a ghostwriter and even write your book. Writing is a fulfilling career that you can do in your spare time.


Pet sitting and dog walking

If you are an animal lover, then this is a great part-time business opportunity for you. You can do dog walking and pet sitting over the weekend. People would pay for your service, especially if they need to run errands or travel. They cannot take their pet everywhere, and a pet sitter would solve their problem. Remember, business is about solving problems for your clients.


Soap making

Entrepreneurship is about selling your service or product. Soap-making will help you to explore your creative side. There are many tutorials and recipes that you can follow. You can add your idea and make it original. It is a skill that you can learn over time and then start producing soap on a large scale. The hidden start-up cost will be the material you need to make your soap.



Sewing clothes or knitting hats can be another source of revenue. You can make blankets, hats, shirts, and dresses. The options are unlimited, and you can cater to a wide range of clients. It will require practice if you are not proficient at sewing. Nothing is too hard to learn. If you are already good at sewing, then you are in a good position.


Décor design

Making home décor will never be extinct. A beautiful bouquet on the table will refresh the house. If you are good at making any home décor, this can become a fantastic part-time business. You can make many décors to fit holiday themes such as Christmas.


Personal chef

Celebrities who have a busy life do not have time to prepare meals. They will hire a personal chef to prepare their meals. If you are good at cooking, you can be a private chef or even create a restaurant. Cooking requires practice and maybe a certificate. If you want it to be professional with a high standard, you may need a food handler’s permit.


Personal trainer

The world is changing rapidly, especially lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle and fitness have become popular, as a result, personal trainers are needed. You can be a personal trainer for those who need the motivation to eat and exercise regularly. Just going to the gym is not as effective as having a personal trainer. Be a personal trainer today.


Handmade jewelry

If you are good at the craft, do not sit on your talent. Handmade jewelry can make an outfit appealing. It is unique and very stylish. There are handmade jewelry lovers in the world. You can be creative and create things that people will like. You can sell it online and even at your workplace.


Online English teaching

English is the most dominant language in the world. If you are a native speaker of English, then you can become an online English Tutor. Many companies offer remote positions. It is flexible, and you can work from home. You will be touching the lives of your students in a positive way.



Youtube is another way to make money from home. Many Youtube stars have earned a stable salary from Youtube. If you are not shy and like the camera, you can earn some money on Youtube. It is easy to set up an account. There are many video editing software that you can use to produce high-quality videos for your subscribers.


Website design

Businesses have turned to online marketing, and having a website is essential. It will require proficient knowledge and experience. If you have these, then you can create websites for businesses and bloggers.


Translation and interpreting

There are around 5000 languages in the world, and interpreters are always in demand. If you are fluent in more than one language that you can become a freelance interpreter or translator. You can set your rate based on expertise and the workload.



Babysitting is a fun job that you will enjoy part-time. If you have the patience and passion for children, then you can start your daycare. You will need the appropriate license depending on your country’s requirements.


Computer repair

If you ever had a computer, then the chances are that you visited a computer technician at least once per month. You can repair computers and gadgets and maximize your income. If you have expertise in computer repair, then use it to help others.


Party planning and hosting

People will spend money on recreational activities. Party hosting and planning is a viable source of income that you can think about. If you have a passion for entertainment, then you can create your own party planning business.


Wrapping up

Starting a part-time business can require some training, but if you are an expert in something, then you can sell that skill. It could be writing, repairing computers, and even interpreting.

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