Top 3 Reasons To Stop Explaining Yourself

A simple “No” is enough when someone asks you for a favor. You do not have to explain why you said no or give an excuse. A no should not end a lifelong friendship or relationship. Some people will understand, and some won’t. Don’t explain yourself to those who cannot understand you and your choices. Be yourself, the right people will understand and love you for you. You don’t have to justify yourself, your choices, and your decisions. Let’s see the reasons to stop explaining yourself.

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Reasons to stop explaining yourself


I am sure you have heard of stories where parents try to tell their children to select a certain career path, even though they are adults. They try to control their children’s lives. The children suffocate, and as a result, they are not happy. It can be scary to stand up to your parents because you don’t want to disappoint them, but nothing is wrong with going after your heart’s desire.

If you want to be a traveler instead of working in the corporate world, then do it without feeling guilty. Your happiness and freedom should be your priority, and your parents will eventually have to accept it. They will realize come to realize that you are an adult.

When you make plans and follow through you are taking charge of your life. Your friends and family will respect you and will no longer try to control you. If you want that freedom, then you have to learn how to stop explaining every choice you make. When you explain, you are looking for approval. “I want to travel the world instead of working in the family business.” This is simply a choice that they will respect more if you refrain from explaining yourself. It shows that you are confident and you have already decided on the path you will take.


It drains your energy

Trying to convince someone that you made the right decision will drain your energy, especially if they are stubborn. It is not worth it.  Channel that energy on you and the decision you made. If you decide to quit your job and start your own business, then focus on making it happen.

Instead of explaining why you quit your 9-5, build your business. Don’t drain yourself and explain why you made such a decision to your family and friends. You can simply tell them not to worry if they are concerned. Let them know that you are okay and trust your decision. Explaining the reason you quit will exhaust you.


You will be unique

Don’t follow the crowd because you want to avoid explaining yourself. You can decline a party if you are not a party person.  Be different, be yourself, and be unique. Don’t attend, just follow the crowd and later be miserable. You can be different and still have a healthy friendship and relationship. Tell them you prefer to stay in, and if they accept you for who you are it will not disrupt the friendship.

Doing things without explaining yourself allows you to be creative and unique. Once you stop explaining yourself, you stop living in fear. You can make your choices unbothered. If you make mistakes, you learn from them. Who knows? you may be great as a result. Life will be more fulfilling when you can be yourself without any apology.


Wrapping up

It is hard to make a decision without trying to justify yourself. You need to realize that it’s okay to make choices, and you don’t have to validate them to anyone. It gives you freedom and individuality.

Felecia Smith

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