Top 5 Questions To Ask Potential Tenants

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Renting your property to good tenants is not easy because you cannot predict what a tenant will do if they are given the property to rent. You need tenants who are trustworthy, reliable, and financially stable. You should not just rent or lease a property to anyone. You need to ensure that a prospective tenant has a noble character. There are questions you can ask a tenant in order to determine if they are a suitable candidate. Here are five questions to ask potential tenants.

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Questions to ask potential tenants


Have you ever rent before and if so, why did you leave?

This is a very important question to ask potential tenants because you want to know if they are good tenants. The reason they leave their previous housing will tell you if they are respectful and have a good relationship with people. If they have been evicted from their previous landlord then you will know that they are troublesome. The purpose of this question is to see if they were good tenants. You can seek references from previous landlords if they were renting before. If not then you may be taking a risk with first-time renters.


Do you have a stable income that can support your rental fees?

You have to ensure that your prospective tenants are able to finance their monthly rent. You don’t have to know how much they are earning. This is personal information that they may not wish to share. You can ask for a range or proof that they have a stable income. You should clearly state the amount that the rent will cost monthly and base on their budget they should have an idea if they can afford it or not. If they accept then you make a written contract that the will need to sign.


Are you happy with the apartment?

In most cases, a prospective tenant will view an apartment before they decide to rent it. You want to make sure that your tenants are satisfied with their surroundings. If they are happy they are more likely to rent your property for a long time. You want to find tenants who are able to rent the apartment until their contract ended. Usually, this is about six months or more. Tenants who are not happy with the apartment are more likely to find another suitable apartment and leave.


How long will you be renting the property?

If you need long term tenants then this question will help you to select the candidate you need. Most landlords are looking for long term tenants because this will be more profitable. Asking the tenant how long they plan to stay will help you determine to if they are serious and will be staying long term.


Do you believe that you should take care of something that is not yours even though you benefit from it?

Many landlords complain that tenants destroyed their property and it can be costly to repair damages. The main purpose of renting your property is to generate revenue and in some cases reduce expenses. You need to select tenants who will take care of the property while living there. If they are do take care of the property and leave it in a good condition, this will work in your favor. You can spend less on repair and get new tenants as soon as possible.


Wrapping up

Finding good tenants is every landlord’s dream. It reduces stress and makes the transaction easier. In order to find good tenants, you need to ask questions about their finances, morals, and character.


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